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Life and Problems

It is quite difficult to understand a problem, especially, when it is personal and is responsible for the anxiety you are dealing with. Understanding it doesn’t mean the end of the problem. It just provides you the way to search for such methods which will help you deal with it. The problems doesn’t end so soon. It has to be dealt with, solved deliberately step by step. Problems are a part of life, I have heard. Some even say- life is nothing without the problems one faces everyday.

What does life mean to me? I am trying to understand nowadays.

Life for me is-

A burden, yes its true!

A thing of beauty

A dark beauty

A lively freedom

A hungry beast

An enlightening saint

I am trying to understand what life means to me? Is there any importance of problems in life? What do I mean by problems? The questions with answers, so conflicting, yet true always at different times.

If I ask you, what will be your answers to these questions? Do share!



It was a sweet realization.  She had lived most of her life with such insecurity, so easily manipulated.  It was a long time coming, that milestone.  Sweet, indeed, to realize that she could no longer be ‘put in her place’ by others, because she knew her place.  She knew, and was comfortable with who she was. 

And who was she?  She was a woman who had known pain and heartache in abundance through her life.   She was a woman who cared deeply about others, and never desired to hurt or offend, although she most definitely had a temper that could flare up if the right buttons were pushed. And what was her place?  Her place was not higher than anyone else, but finally as good as anyone else…as worthy as anyone else to be who she was, with her opinions and her strengths…and her personality.  She was created in God’s image, and loved by Him. 

Had that lack of confidence somehow morphed into arrogance?  No!  She knew and accepted her own failings and limitations, and would readily admit them.  But she no longer defined herself by them…no longer allowed others to define her by them, or by ones that they determined belonged to her. 

That day, with the realization of her new found confidence, she couldn’t stop smiling.  Sweet, indeed.


God’s Little Gang

For the past 20 years, my husband has worked in the restaurant business. Recently, he and my daughter, who also works in the industry, have been telling me about a phenomena that makes me feel sad, and quite honestly, angry. Like anywhere in our lives, we are going to run into all kinds of people doing all kinds of things. We are all familiar with people cutting us off in traffic, the occasional obscene finger gestures thrown our way from a passing window, the rude comments from people in stores, theImage callous service we get from restaurant servers…the list goes on and on…

This new thing, though, is particularly disheartening. My husband and daughter hate it when the “Christians” come in to their restaurant. Armed with Bibles under their arms, they gather at the restaurant for Bible Study. They throw about God Bless You’s at the same time they complain about prices. They boldly ask for things for free, or act surprised that there would be a charge for the extras they have asked for. They loudly preach to their audience about Jesus’s love, and yet they steal…that’s right…steal  sweeteners and napkins, and whatever else that isn’t nailed down. Their orders are never right, not that it could possibly be their fault, and the employees are treated like second-class citizens. After taking up tables for extremely large periods of time, they leave nothing in way of compensation for their servers, but leave their tables totally thrashed, as if it is their right to have others clean up after them.  The employees hate to see them coming.

Sometimes I want so badly to go in on the nights these “holy” people come in and ask them what exactly their goal is. If the goal is to have some sort of exclusive country-club membership to a God club, then kudos…well done. No one wants to be in your God Gang. Maybe you could spread your elitist, self-serving agenda at some other restaurant. Evidently, the spirit of the Pharisees and the Sadducee‘s is alive and well in America today.

The fruits of the Holy Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. How do you propose to show Jesus to those around you when your actions are so demeaning, rude, arrogant, and self-serving? What is your purpose in the Kingdom of God? Are you a representative of Jesus, or are you using Christianity to further your own goals?

We should always assume people will be watching us when we least expect it. And it is of no consequence to God whether or not we think someone is worthy to be in our “club”. The girl taking your order at a drive-thru or the homeless man begging on the corner…both were created in God’s image, no more and no less than you or me. … This isn’t about club membership. It is about life and death, heaven and hell. It is war-time, with satan leading a very skilled attack on every aspect of our lives every single day. You’re a tool — we all are. But you should know who’s wielding you.

I completely understand that as Christians, we all have to start somewhere. And I emphatically agree with Bible studies. But my question is aimed at the leaders of these Bible studies. It would seem to me that if you are ready to teach other Christians, you’d be more sensitive to how your behaviors will reflect on your God. We are known by our fruits, are we not? We aren’t going to be perfect, but we should remember who we are representing….

What good is all of these theological discussions on Adam’s belly button if just eating a meal at a restaurant drives people away from God??

If you aren’t helping us, then you’re hurting us. If saving souls isn’t your goal, there are some serious questions you should be asking yourself.

— Bird


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