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Monday Morning Poetry Writing Prompt

In honor of Timzauto, I am picking up the torch this week and announcing a writing prompt/challenge.

Write a poem using all of the following words:

smooth, soothe, work, dark.

Very simple, very easy.  Right?  Now let’s see what happens.

Dearest 20 Lines Contributors:  Have fun and post by Friday!

Darling Readers and Followers: If you would like to join in, write with us, too!  Submit your original work in the comments section of this post, and please link back to your home blog if you would like to do so!  I will post your work in-line along with everyone else’s and attribute you and your personal blogs.

Did I miss anything?  Wishing I had one of Tim’s supercool badges.

I’ll reblog this a few times through the week to remind you.

Oh, yes … Have fun with it!

Tim, you are missed!  Come back soon.

New Photo Challenge 20 lines or less

20 lines or less weekly photo challenge

Lets try something new , the 20 lines or less photo challenge . It will also run for a week , from Sunday to Saturday . Winner will be crowned on Saturday night . We also want all to play , so if you can please post directly to the blog , If you can’t please post a link to these comments and I will post for you .


The winner will receive this marker to post on their own blog and show off , these markers are one of a kind , no one else will ever be able to win the same one twice.

I hope to see all playing along , Please reblog or repost as we want to share with everyone . Always remember to like , comment and share …Thank you

                                 This weeks photo subject is :

  We are all kids at heart right !!  Post a picture of you , your children , your grandchildren or any kids picture that makes you laugh … !!!!

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Weekly Challenge

Thanks for making the first weekly challenge a big success ….voting is open until Tuesday at 6pm eastern time …when our winner will be announced , and next weeks challenge will be revealed . Again thanks for all the poems they are all fantastic…

20 lines or less

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our last night

Our night draws near

for our closeness so dear

a great day for all

the water we saw

walking in the park

the moons showing the dark

evening closeness we’ll show

for tomorrow she’ll go

we’ll both walk on air

till next prayer we share

Please like , comment and share..Thanks Tim


precious poetry

interesting irritations intruding

ecstatic excitability easing equally

calming creations coming clearly

softly soothing sounds surround

vivid visions vaguely vanquishing

willfully writing whimsical ways

precious peculiar promising poetry

thanking togetherness throughout today

Please remember to like , comment and share …Thanks timzauto


Saturday challenge

Reading Anne’s poem My Useless Saturday poem , I have an awesome idea everyone please submit a poem on their own  Saturday ….if you wish to join in the fun submit your poem in the comments below and I will post them for you…Thanks for joining in …also check Anne’s post …

My Useless Saturday Poem     

Please everyone join in … post your day !!!!


Soothing quiet in the house alone

A bird in the window, sounds of atone

Television on not much to see

Up and about I sit under a tree

Reading Birds post of birthday present

Dandelions matured without any scent

Another day going exciting or bored

Yes we’re alive , thanks to the lord

Remember …Please like , comment and share , let’s get the word out …Thanks Timzauto

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added misery…

when the pressure of the day pushes down

the pill they give will take away the frown

complain about no sleep  and days to close

I also have that , it’s just a small dose

waking up now has changed,  it’s such a chore

tablet form this time , it’s just one more

vitamins I have cause the things I eat

daily recommended amounts, they do not meet

can’t remember if I took my zinc

let me sit down and try to think

I’m taking so many , hard to keep track

I just want my life the easy living back





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