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Clive the cat

Clive is a cat , he looked  like no other

He searched the world over , looking for mother

His coat was a wash , of gray and some white

When the moon glowed ,  he sure was a sight

He walk down the hill , to the pond so calm

Not a soul was found , especially his mom

He looked up with tears while god he did hear

Your moms up here , she didn’t disappear

He asked the great voice , as he started to walk

Can I see my mom , or can we just talk

The voice being slow was also real soft

As most of Clive’s wishes mostly were lost

grabbing and clawing scratching his chin

He replied to the voice as he started to grin

when I close my eyes and begin to dream

Thinking about our life, it will be supreme

God voice was bold as he said kinda loud

Clive I will tell you , your mother is proud


A Mother’s Child

When a mother’s child is hurting, or somehow is done wrong

The pain she feels for her dear child is wide and deep and strong

It matters not how old the child, if three or thirty-five

A mother’s child is still her child as long as she’s alive


A mother’s pain will come and go for hurts that she may feel

But a mother’s pain for her dear child cuts like a knife of steel

If you’re a mother with a child, you understand me well

There is no need to speak a word,  you know of what I tell


Be cautious of the mother whose dear child you may have hurt

I say this as a warning, please take heed to this alert

A mother’s like a lioness…with care she guards her young

Or maybe like a hornet’s nest…be careful, lest you’re stung.

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Happy Fathers day ….

Pam loved  Pete they  had it made

two little boys both named Wade

traveled the country in a big R V

so many sights the family did see

never setting roots like many we know

they moved around more than an Indians toe

learning from the world and mom and dad

soaking up nature , even lily pads

living a life that can’t be surpassed

the two little wades , one day asked

do you regret the things you let  slide

to be with us on this life long ride

dad turned to them a tear in his eye

wade and wade your both my prize

I’d relive these days with out delay

two wade’s grinning said happy fathers day


The man in the window…

It’s no secret , while I’m going through rehab and recovery I’m staying at my mom and dads . Growing up here was rather unsettling at times , and grand at others . An old story my dad would tell us was “Peg leg Wilson ” a made up tail about an old guy with a wooden leg . I wont lie , it scare the crap out of me and I think the other kids as well . We grew up in an old two-story house with plenty of noises on its own , without the manufacture of them . My younger brother and I shared a bedroom , it was the biggest bedroom in the house . It had a small closet in one of the corners that I was always scared of . When the lights went off the noises always began .

I have visited my mom and dad over the years many times and always felt a presence around me . This time visiting I am feeling this a little more , but i put it off due to my body healing . The other day I was wandering around the yard , Taking pictures of some flowers . I actually posted them on 20 lines under the heading of Sights of summer . Anyway , I walked into the garage and heard something , I listened a little closer , It was my name . Someone was calling my name in a weak whisper two or three times . I looked over towards the window of the garage and quickly took a picture . I couldn’t see anything so I blew it off to my imagination and returned inside . Today I looked at the picture , to my amazement there is someone in the window . Now I showed this to my mom ( it’s no one I know ) And she tells me it looks identical to a man who lived here before them . Here’s the thing that has my skin crawling …He died in this house the day I was born….

This is the presence following me….I know now I’m not crazy…..



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