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other voices

Sometimes I
admire the
moon for it
cannot match
the sun’s glory
so it finds
it’s own patch
of sky to

Sometimes I
admire the
for it is drowned
out in the shrilly
shouts of other
fowls so it
finds its own
silence to

Sometimes I
strive for the
sun yet I
can’t reach it,
so I aim for
the twinkling
stars instead.

over the rainbow
the colour black
is weeping,
but then she
realizes the
mysterious beauty
of the night.



Love’s transgressions lie forgotten
Like discarded leaves of the passing autumn
A simple question keeps knocking the doors of mind
Incessant bird pecking away the sanctity of the tree

Its not the usual swarm of questions that arise from confusion
Mists rising over the surface of a forest lake in winter
One and only one question exists here in this moment
Lonely firefly blinking balefully in the dark solitary night

In all that goes around me ever so fleetingly
Big and confusing like the smothering waves of sea
With a foam of insignificant but ever present
Where do I stand, and why?


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