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JT Loves Winter Me Not so Much

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

You already know that if you are a friend and follower.  I wanted to do a post as this year comes to an end.  Yes not a Re-Blog though I love sharing cool stuff  others spend the time to add to WordPress.

So this one will be of a Happy Dog.  You see when the weather is warm you will never see her do this the flying disc will get all the play time but let a few inches of snow fall and you knows right where she has tucked her winter toy away.  I have told you she is smart a time or two right.

Here is a series I shot of her and her winter toy.  I kick then snap photo, this time with a bulky Nikon not as easy to capture her as I did with my Kodak so excuse the faults in the photos and just…

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We went for a ride up into Maine yesterday.

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

The day started rainy and socked in with think fog here in New England yesterday,  while so many suffered in horrible cold and snowy conditions.  We will take what we can left of this year, before we too must huddle together and keep ourselves warm.

A few years ago I took a class with Mom on fusing glass with a wonderful teacher who has since passed away.  She had told us about a woman in Maine who taught wire wrapping,  so we could make our pieces we did,  look even nicer and go from glass into jewelry pieces. Well that winter we went out to Arizona  to hunt for Gold and I met a woman there who took the time to show me a simple wrap that as I got more proficient I could add my own flair to.  Well yesterday the woman in Maine, who I follow through Facebook, had an Open…

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Awareness to Cruelty

I wrote this because of my love for dogs and the cruelty they endure at the hand of man.

Stick cracks hard across my back
hunger, taunted, teased
caged without affection
never knowing what love is

mankind your cruelty
will not be discharged
you starve my needs
my hate augments
as I witness
others feed

you yell and kick and spit on me
as I lay quiet and cringing
on the ground
I want to please that’s all I know
explain the wrongs I’ve done

humiliation, lack of worth have I
the life not born to lead
don’t pit me against my adversary
this is what I silently plea

my limbs are weak
my body writhes each day
in pain, battle-scarred, agony
let me sleep
to not wake up again

I beg you stop this

bets are laid I’m dragged outside
the sunlight hurts my eyes
I have so much hate
churning through me
hate I cannot hide

laughter heard from men that stand
and taunt and scream the word ‘kill’
please don’t let me continue this
stop me now, I will

be the dog that you could love
not filled with animosity
I was born to love
give pleasure to the one
that owned and comforted me

I pace the ring do as I’m told
like a boxer ready for the fight
the other lurches teeth in my neck
latches on with all his mite

I beg you stop this

my blood pours and hits the ground
each droplet make men roar
I fight only to defend, relieve me
of this now

Wounds are left to heal alone
sores infest blood dried on skin
lick my cuts to try and heal
ready for the next battle

What pleasure can be found
in this ‘sport’ this blood thirst act
I struggle, don’t understand
as you witness, laugh, applaud
who will be the last to stand

Man is cruel I’ve learnt through time
to continue this atrocious game
I just want love and to be held
I will never be the same

Please Let Us Try to Stop Dog – Fighting…or any animal fighting.

A useless, senseless and disgusting act by the most cruel and depraved individuals, for their pleasure, for a bet … just to see a dog pulling another to shreds….


“Beach Art” By JT


I know you have probably seen the shells that sit along the high tide mark but do you know about Border Collie Art?

She is so well-bred that she leaves an amazing piece of artwork, all along the beach,  as we make or way onto it

for a game of Frisbee.

Can you see her moves up above?

On and on she goes

Round and Round

Catching it

Dropping it at my feet and heading back out for another loop to get ready to catch it again.

I know some of you may tire of my talk about this pup but she really is what keeps us smiling day in and day out pain and all.

She is a beautiful artist,  well at least in our eyes.

Other dogs just come to PLAY she seems to have a method to her madness as do I.


Her daddy is hunting for treasure in this B&W  photo also showing her design all along the sea.


JT’s Adventures ……part one

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

JT Close-up

Well by now most of you know our JT (Jess-Tex) at least in photos.  She is our Border Collie and no we do not have a farm.

I have shared my life with fourteen dogs five of which were part of a litter that went on to new homes where they were adored family members.

This dog above was born at a friend’s home,  the male  her father was from Texas and they drove from Vermont to pick him up.  JT’s mother was a dog that was dropped off at their place in Vermont.  Gorgeous lighter Gray with white.  She was scared who knows the kind of life had she lead.

JT was like the runt with a not so perfect face marking and it was just her sister and her no one had chosen to be theirs.

Now I wanted no more dogs but here were the two prettiest…

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Naughty Mommy

Play Time

JT has a Very Naughty Mommy


JT has a very bad Mommy

Today we went to the shore

We met new people and even another dog

It was me who had to tell the cute policeman I was sorry

Seems she is not allowed to be a dog at this place we had found

Such a beautiful spot even if it was very raw out today

Next time we are over this way I will be better behaved



Some rules I will just never understand or maybe I have just always been a REBEL!

Wind Blown

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

Wind Blown






Running with the wind








Wet and Tired

JT done for the day


Well we will be on the beach as soon as the storms rolls out to sea.

They say it could really be bad in these parts or barely not much at all.

We want the treasure to get tossed up onto the beach.

What we do not want to happen is for it to stall.

As the rain falls from Sandy you know our stream will rise .

He is getting a boat repaired that will haul all he will need to clear the way.

I do not know about you but I will be keeping my eyes to the sky.

The last thing I want to worry about should it be bad is where we will stay.


Stay safe!   I know many of  also live along the east…

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Watching Me


Look at those eyes



She sits and watches me

She really just wants to play

She is spoiled rotten to be sure

Most days she knows the word STAY


A month or so ago we went to the beach

We both came home tired and wet

I threw and threw as she would run and catch

She  is one amazing pet.


Well we are still suffering five weeks later

Her right shoulder took a beating from all the leaping and landing

My knee is huge and shoulder is sore

Now with the fall while camping the lower leg is as big as the knee


Today we stayed busy putting the yard away for winter

It takes long enough for me  to move about but  now add a frisbee to the mix

How can you say no to this face of hers

Though I will always take advantage of her for yet another picture





5 in the Morning (A Day in the Life Challenge)

It’s 5 in the morning, and Marley the cat

Is screaming he’s hungry, that’s why he’s so fat

I stumble around him, on way to the loo

It’s always the first stop…admit it’s yours too!


Then head to the kitchen, and put on a pot

Of freshly brewed coffee, all steamy and hot

I tell dear old Marley, you’ll just have to wait

Can’t get our dear Gracie to meet the bus late


And as I am dressing, I’m racking my brain

In hopes that the mem’ry of dreams will remain

But rarely, if ever do I have such luck

They’re buried quite quickly in this brain of muck


I’m dressed and I’m ready, we’re out the front door

And happily head to the bus stop once more

We’re smiling and laughing and singing a song

Then here comes the bus ’round the corner ‘fore long


I wave my goodbyes and head back homeward bound

And there Marley sits, making nary a sound

I give him his breakfast, and maybe a treat

And now he can stay out from under my feet


I’m at the computer, with coffee in hand

To see what has happened in old Facebook land

Maybe I’ll blog a dear poem for you

If I can come up with a good one or two


Now off to my studies, and laundry perhaps

With thoughts sometimes swirling, like they’re running laps

But trying to focus, and doing my best

The time to relax will be after the test


When afternoon comes, Gen’ral Hospital’s on

It’s my guilty pleasure, I’ve watched it so long

And 2:30 comes and I head down the walk

To pick up dear Grace, and we have a nice talk


I ask her what kind of a day that she had

And what kind of homework, “well that’s not too bad!”

I get her a snack and we visit a bit

And then to the shower, if I haven’t yet


It’s time to get ready to head to my class

I want to do well, and not merely to pass

The classes are fun, almost all of the time

I’m glad to be learning, and I feel sublime


And now class is over, I load up my stuff

The day’s almost over, it’s not been too rough

I spend just awhile winding down this old mind

Then out of my scrubs, my dear bed looks so kind


As I lay my head on the pillow again

I lift up a prayer, and then say “Amen.”

But not that it’s all of the praying I’ve done

Throughout all the day I have talked to the One


Who blesses me daily, or may dry my tears

Reminds me He’s with me, and calms all my fears

And I close my eyes and before we both know

Another day’s over, to dreamland I go.


Pilot the Cat

I woke up this morning to find that my friend Robbie from Intown Hardware in Atlanta had posted a photo on my timeline of a memorial they had made for Pilot the cat, who lived at the store for all her life.  I worked at Intown for about 6 months, several years ago, and even when I wasn’t working there, we frequented that store when I lived in Atlanta.

Pilot died a few days ago at the ripe age of 16.  I posted a blog about it on my own page yesterday with a different pic of Pilot, and a poem that I wrote in her memory.  Robbie said that they have included my poem in the memorial for her at the store.  So, I photoshopped it just a bit and thought I’d share the poem with you here on 20 Lines.  I believe the photo meets the criteria to post it here, since it was shared with me because of the poem, and this is a photoshopped version that I did of it.  If not, let me know, Melissa.

For Pilot


Pilot was a dear old cat

For many years, she was so fat

It seemed to be her claim to fame

But Pilot was much more than that.


For customers and all the staff

She made us smile, and made us laugh

Found with her foot stuck in the door

Became the queen of that whole store


In later years, she lost some weight

Which left her in a better state

But Pilot, dear was growing old

And kitty heaven could not wait


Today, she drew her final breath

And many mourn dear Pilot’s death

And though she now to rest is lain

Her dear, sweet, mem’ry will remain


Hyper Vigilance in Repose (Penny the Cat)

Penny the Cat is ever vigilant. Many hours a day she stares out the windows watching the movements of all manner of life’s twitterings outside. She meows, paces, cants her head this way and that. If she snoozes, it is out of my sight.

So, the other day, I had my camera in hand and there was Penny upside down, spread out, asleep atop a chair. I approached. She snoozed. Odd. I took a dozen pictures. She yawned, she stretched, she licked her paw, she gazed at me through half open eyes. Penny hadn’t a care in the world. The world was moving along outside without her. A very rare who cares moment from Penny.


Penny Mid-Yawn. Those piercing teeth clearly visible. A little tartar buildup it appears. The hair on the chair makes it evident this is where Penny sometimes lays her head. Vacuuming is in order. Isn’t a good lens so helpful,, if not embarrassing.

A quick grooming lick, the camera clicking away doesn’t alarm her.

Penny, mildly interested, and seemingly saying ‘go away’.


‘Pardon My Incision’


Emma Louise, Post Op (SwittersB)

For nine plus years, Emma has been a significant part of our family’s lives. A little over a week ago, she suddenly could not rise onto her four legs. Her demeanor changed. She had half of her spark. Nothing worked right. Fear rose in my gut. All the what if’s and possible-probable outcomes ran through my mind and made me nauseous.

Wednesday, with much trepidation and less than even chances to survive, the neuro-vet operated on Emma’s spine to remove a ruptured disc. The problem was location and her heart. She made it through. She moved through that anxious, agitated state of post op. We brought her home with strict admonitions to keep her still. Today, Emma had to just show a sign that she is better. Not perfect yet, but definitely better. Prayers answered, blessings bestowed. I love Emma!

Now, there were two other ‘family members’ that were totally out of sorts through all this drama…Harley and Penny. Both seemed to sense the routine had been altered and that something was amiss. Once Emma came home, they sniffed, but kept their respectful distance. Today, they saw things were looking up as Emma stood up for a bit and smiled. I know many find such shenanigans over pets a silly distraction. I don’t try to convince anyone. I just know the magic…I am sure many of you do as well.

Harley & Penny (SwittersB)



July 4th challenge submitted by Clive the cat

July 4th to me

walking in smells , sounds

hovering close to the ground

sly cat strut , from person to person

stopping at everyone A through Woodson

rubbing and feeding I’m getting it all

eating so much I barely can crawl

July 4th is for people and cats related

Independence Day for me is long-awaited

Please remember to like , comment and share ..Thanks …Clive the Cat

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A Border Collie loves to be busy


JT at Play

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:






She Loves being in mid-air, I am the one with her toy so after I toss it I quickly bring the camera up and try to capture her catches we work good  together


I always let her have her rest.


I am sure you can tell she is loved and cared for.

Yesterday we took her for a long ride, in the new truck.

We timed it so we could hit a local beach that would allow her to play, as long as she was on a leash, I must remember to buy one of those long leads.  I had her leash that goes out and winds back up but it was so hard to play in the surf with her on it.  I was afraid I would be brought down by her doing her  BC moves,  All was good she was so happy and so many made comments about…

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nite notions..

flower gardens growing tall

well maintained over all

looking sharply , I see it crawl

darkness falling in my hall

R  E  M  is where I’m at

see in black , just like a cat

watching things that don’t make sense

begin animation in past tense

dreaming , waking who’s to blame

now it always feels the same


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