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Communication Breakdown

Originally posted on Grandmother Musings:

I wanted to call you

But I did not have a dime

I needed to talk to you

But I did not have the time.


How do we get it together?

Miscommunication has kept us apart

What level of connection do we need?



Trapped by a string of gutless  proposals

The phone does not show your face.

I can only hear voice inflections

I need to travel to your place.


Phone calls, texting, and twitter

They are a sad replacement for the whole you

Technology has fooled me

Into believing you understand what I do.




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Today I wanted to talk to you

You, the being I can’t found

I tried searching for any trail

That will take me to you

I put pressure on my mind

I plead my heart

To tell me who are you

And where I will find you

I even resorted to my mobile phone

Looking through the phone book

Just to know you

The you that I can talk to

I wanted to talk to you

I wanted to tell you how I feel

I couldn’t find you

In the list of people I know

Which was shown to me

By my mind, heart and mobile phone

For you don’t exist

You- the being who would have been there for me.


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