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Shells At High Tide Mark On A Cold January Day

















So many so little time or space here I do not want to fill 20 Lines with just my shots!

To say we had a nice day was an understatement. Pain for us three after yes but we are better today.

Can’t wait to see what you all did













Not all days have waves such as this

Some days the are just sweet and lazy

It is days such as this though that bring me such bliss

The sky was such a beautiful Blue without a sign of being hazy.


I love the spray as it dances above the waves as if to hold still till I capture it

It seems to add to the beauty of this photo with all the froth of this crashing wave

It is here upon the hill I sit and wait till just the perfect moment click

Though I now know  it is really the peace I find at this special place full of powerful waves I simply crave.















They will have all made their way to these cages full of fat.  Well maybe not the Doves and the Cardinals but pretty much all the others.  They will dart from here to a branch in the Lilacs or Apple  and maybe the Pear trees but then over for a Sunflower Seed and back to the fat.  Yes it is hard to get them nice and clear from behind the back door but I want them to eat,  it is important for their survival this long winter that has really just begun.  There will be warmer days here and there when I will try to catch them while out playing with JT and I will try harder.

This Room

I look around. What is it about this room that draws me? It was once our daughter’s teenage room. She is now married with children. The room is filled with bookshelves, which are filled with books. Ah, luxury. Our TV is in here, along with a white wicker loveseat, matching, large-ish footstool, a recliner, the computer desk and chair, the computer, the printer. On the walls? I look around and see mostly photographs of family. Two are large framed photos of our daughter’s and son’s weddings. Another is my mother, who passed away 17 years ago. Still another is a framed poster of the Verde Canyon Railroad. We took that trip with my father and stepmom some years ago in Arizona, seeing some spectacular panoramas. The poster is a reminder of a pleasant time.

A long time ago my daughter gave me a little oval plaque that has a little boy and a little girl on it. It says: “Grandchildren are the reward you get for not strangling your teenagers.” LOL. There is a framed picture of our son in his police uniform, a framed triptych of our grandson when he was small, with his mom, silhouettes with the sunset in the background. They were skipping stones into the lake. I have a piece of amethyst, my birthstone, on the shelf. Another framed piece says “WORDS are so powerful they should only be used to heal, to bless, to prosper.”

I have two rectangular frames, quite long, in fact. The green one has five pictures of our grandson on the day he came home from the hospital, aged three days. The burgundy-colored frame has five pictures of our granddaughter at the same age, the day she came home. I cherish those pictures.

There are two prints on the wall, a large photograph of our grandchildren, and a frame holding six of our son’s high school graduation pictures.

A lamp table, a standing lamp, a ceiling fan, a clock, white carpeting, peach-colored shades and window valance complete the look. When writing I always keep three handy-dandy friends at my side: a dictionary, my thesaurus (I have a really good one), and a rhyming dictionary. Without these I’d be lost.

I look out the window onto a hill behind our house to see pines, oaks and elms. A bird feeder attracts all kinds of birds, but I especially like watching the hummingbirds. We often see deer, squirrels, and chipmunks, but also less frequently raccoons, rabbits, wild turkeys, fox. In the winter our grandchildren love to slide down the hill. I watch them from inside where I can be warm while seeing them in their winter fun.




Autumn at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden

This week, I wasn’t feeling too inspired by the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge.  Although I’ve seen some great photos around the topic of “Mine”, it just isn’t for me.  Instead, I’ve opted to join in on Where’s My Backpack’s weekly photo challenge of foliage.

I chose a few photos from my visit to the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden last November. Even though these were taken last fall, you will still see plenty of green leaves adorning the trees and assorted plants in these photos.  While we do get a fair share of orange and yellow leaves in autumn out here in the desert, it’s not as widespread as say, the East Coast.  What stands out to me is that the sunlight is more subdued in the fall as opposed to the summertime.

If you want to join in on this challenge, check out http://wheresmybackpack.com/2012/09/28/travel-theme-foliage/


A blog site well-named 20 Lines,
a place where, just as in mines,
the dark yields its gems –
lovely flowers on stems –
Each writing and photograph shines

A strange young woman named Gail
braided knots in her kitty cat’s tail.
When meows grew intense
Gail, silly and dense,
put poor kitty behind bars in jail.

Robert Parker put golf clubs away
when he knew he could no longer play.
“I am finished,” he said,
“and am going to bed.”
We’ve heard nothing from Rob since that day.


Thank You, Melissa

We exercise our brains in discipline
here where our daily twenty lines abide.
Melissa built this home where we can glide
our thoughts to poems, stories, and to pin

them to the screen for others to peruse.
I thank Melissa. What community
she has constructed where I love to see
the photographs that take me on a cruise

to other places, and through others’ eyes.
An artists’ meeting place, I call it, home
for those in U.S., India, or Rome.
Each morning when I come…a new surprise.

20 Lines a Day


Thank You

Not ten, not thirty, but just 20 Lines,
this is a place to write or photograph.
I sometimes get to 20, often half
of that is all I write. We search the mines

for diamonds in the rough, a word or scene
that captures our imaginations, turns
the dark to light with chandelier that burns
through midnight. Images and poems mean

a different thing to you or me. To read or see
the other artists’ work gives me a lift
and makes me know I have encountered Gift.
Thank all of you for so enriching me.

Without Blogs

I learned something new about myself. I’ve been absent from my blogs, including being on 20 Lines, for three days because I’ve been busy. That sounds like a lame excuse. After all, writing is important to me and I usually try to make it a priority. But I’ve been helping my daughter prepare for a huge garage sale that she’s having tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. I felt that it was right to do so since she is going to be selling some things (quite a few things, I might add) of ours. It feels great to have all of that out of the house. I feel somehow lighter and freer. I need to keep clutter away, and I’m afraid that doing so not one of my better skills.

I actually asked my daughter, who is very neat and organized, if she thought my house was cluttered. You see, I have a lot of things: decorative glass, two Czech crystal bowls, some Native American vases, prints on the walls, my collection of Willow Tree angels which I keep in small groupings on end tables, three small sculptures, a collection of Swaroski in a curio cabinet, lots of framed pictures of our grandchildren, things like that. Her answer pleased me:

“Mom, you do have a lot of stuff, but you keep it organized and neat and dusted. It all looks nice.”

Sometimes I admit to being overwhelmed, but I do work to keep it all under control. As I sit here looking around this room I have several filled bookshelves and bookcases, but all my books are neatly arranged on their shelves. I know exactly where a book is when I want it. I also have a lot of art on the walls but I think it looks nice. The “things” in here, the room where I write, are a small brass candle holder with a light green candle in it, a piece of Brazilian amethyst, a carved wooden African giraffe, my glass paperweight that says, “I cannot live without books…” all give me pleasure to look at. And then the picture of my mom, my son, my daughter’s wedding photograph, and framed pictures of our grandchildren…well, these are my heart’s delight.

I will never be as organized as my daughter, but I do enjoy what I have. Everything has a story or a memory behind it, and when people come in and might admire this or that, I have fun telling those stories.

I’m sorry for my absence on my blogs, but am glad to be back. It’s 96 here today, absolutely miserable outside, and I canceled an appointment I had, and am going to stay in. Later on I’ll take one more small box of things to my daughter’s for the sale, which begins tomorrow morning at 8:00. My husband is picking up balloons, and in the morning will attach them to the “GARAGE SALE” signs which our son-in-law will put out tonight when he gets home from work.

I really want to write something for the Poet’s Billow challenge. Maybe today’s the day. I love their blog, and am in touch with Robert Evory, who is one of the people who maintains it. Turns out that he and I went to the same college here in Michigan. He’s now in Syracuse, NY. Anyhow, I plan to enter both his poetry contests, one for the Atlantis Award, the other called the Pangaea Prize.

I’d better get cuttin’!


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