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A walk around the fair

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The photo above was a bus that was actually selling FOOD Items at the Fair.

They were doing GREEN things.  You know cooking with the SUN also using

used oil, either from french fries or the bus it’s self.


As I was walking along the path this is the end I saw first.

Intrigued to be sure I snapped the photo then went to see what they were all about.

Cool couple were cooking up some interest in their lifestyle besides what was on the menu.

You just never know what you will see or learn if you just pay attention to the world around you.

I am not one to walk around texting.

I seldom even have my cell in my hand, it is safely at the bottom of my purse, should I ever have

an emergency arise.

Now the camera is usually in my hand or…

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Autumn at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden

This week, I wasn’t feeling too inspired by the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge.  Although I’ve seen some great photos around the topic of “Mine”, it just isn’t for me.  Instead, I’ve opted to join in on Where’s My Backpack’s weekly photo challenge of foliage.

I chose a few photos from my visit to the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden last November. Even though these were taken last fall, you will still see plenty of green leaves adorning the trees and assorted plants in these photos.  While we do get a fair share of orange and yellow leaves in autumn out here in the desert, it’s not as widespread as say, the East Coast.  What stands out to me is that the sunlight is more subdued in the fall as opposed to the summertime.

If you want to join in on this challenge, check out http://wheresmybackpack.com/2012/09/28/travel-theme-foliage/


An Afternoon at Cabrillo National Monument

I posted a longer version of this over at my blog, but thought this might make an interesting post over here at 20 Lines or Less.  The photos below are from my visits to the Cabrillo National Monument back in October 2009 and March 2010.

Cabrillo National Monument is located at the very tip of the Point Loma Peninsula in California.  This national park, provides breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. To see the exhibits at the Visitor Center and walk the path around the lighthouse takes approximately an hour but sightseeing down by the tide pools can be one’s main event for the day.

A must-see while at Cabrillo is the Old Point Loma Lighthouse.

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The Different Path Taken

Gnawing anxiety, growing restlessness

pull me this way and that way.

How have I self medicated heretofore?

Pulled toward loadstones of regret, of demise.

I steer onward without question

fearing the reprise.

What am I doing? Stop, I say.

But, I ignore me. Onward toward the flame.

Arriving at the Den of Decline, 

my inner self, my soul yells

What are you doing? Stop you fool!

Somehow listening, I don’t gross that divide,

but what now, where shall I hide?

I arrive to take this path,

the path that leads to solitude, 

maybe to redemption and strength.

I take me by the hand and walk along

to find the reflections in a still pond.

Alone, all alone, I stare off the bridge

at the quiet sentinel standing calm.

His silence, his stillness speaks to me.

Be still….Be calm…Believe again…in me.

The Lavender Moth

Put a camera nearby and something happens. Your eye sees things you deem worthy of recording. I was intending to perhaps take some photographs of a hoarding mess. As I approached the house, this moth came into view. Flitting here and there, landing atop flowers I had planted. ‘I’ll take a shot’ I thought. 

Picture the old image of the man running about the meadow with butterfly net in hand attempting to capture a specimen. That was me with my camera, moving through the front yard. Stooping, bending, attempting to catch that little Cabbage Moth in my lens as it so briefly landed. Moving this way and that, chasing the little white moth. A half dozen clicks and this was the result. I need more stuporous specimens!


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