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Pilot the Cat

I woke up this morning to find that my friend Robbie from Intown Hardware in Atlanta had posted a photo on my timeline of a memorial they had made for Pilot the cat, who lived at the store for all her life.  I worked at Intown for about 6 months, several years ago, and even when I wasn’t working there, we frequented that store when I lived in Atlanta.

Pilot died a few days ago at the ripe age of 16.  I posted a blog about it on my own page yesterday with a different pic of Pilot, and a poem that I wrote in her memory.  Robbie said that they have included my poem in the memorial for her at the store.  So, I photoshopped it just a bit and thought I’d share the poem with you here on 20 Lines.  I believe the photo meets the criteria to post it here, since it was shared with me because of the poem, and this is a photoshopped version that I did of it.  If not, let me know, Melissa.

For Pilot


Pilot was a dear old cat

For many years, she was so fat

It seemed to be her claim to fame

But Pilot was much more than that.


For customers and all the staff

She made us smile, and made us laugh

Found with her foot stuck in the door

Became the queen of that whole store


In later years, she lost some weight

Which left her in a better state

But Pilot, dear was growing old

And kitty heaven could not wait


Today, she drew her final breath

And many mourn dear Pilot’s death

And though she now to rest is lain

Her dear, sweet, mem’ry will remain


Lizzie the Lizard

This is from SwittersB‘s suggestion on my Name That Abstract Challenge. :)  The last one, “Heartbreak”, I forgot to mention in that post, was from nutsfortreasure‘s suggestion.  Sorry about that, Eunice!  The links are both going under this week’s Poetry Challenge.  I’m looking forward to seeing some poems from all y’all! :)

Lizzie the Lizard is chasing her tail

Watching it fly, and through the air sail

If Lizzie should catch it, oh how she will wail!


For Maggie – Snowy Farmhouse

I was looking at some of the photos Maggie was sharing, and thought she especially might like this.  I’ll post the original that I snapped outside of the window of the truck…I think we were in Connecticut somewhere at the time.  And the second is the photoshop enhanced version of it that I did.    Actually, I did several different ones, but I think this was my favorite. :) I’m confused about the date.  I was looking on the properties to try to figure it out.  There are 2 dates, but the year of the first is wrong.  It says Dec. 17, 2009, and the modification date was Jan. 7, 2009, and if it was taken in December it would’ve been 2008.  I had thought that blizzard up north was in January, but it may have been December.  I don’t remember.


20 Lines Photo Challenge: Crazy photos…The Sky’s the limit

Okay Tim…seems like I recall you saying something about crazy photos, and I believe this is the craziest I have.  It was originally a picture of me standing in front of some rapids on a river in Tennessee…a little photoshop magic and…well, no drugs were involved in this project. LOL…who needs ’em when you’re me? :D


East coast blizzard – Weekly Photo challenge

I took this from the big truck during a big blizzard in January of ’09.  Ted was usually the one taking photos, but he was busy driving.  Someone else had wimped out of a load from Pennsylvania to Massachussetts, as I recall, because of the blizzard.  And it was bad.  I think we were somewhere in New York when the photo was taken, but don’t remember for certain. We went through some bad weather pretty much all through New England.  Ah, nature. :)

And here’s another one I photoshopped and framed.  Actually, I photoshopped the one above, a little bit, back then too.


Winners and new challenges

The winner of both the Name That Abstract #5, and of the Beauty Grows Amid Shadows Poetry Challenge, was Timzauto!  Congratulations Tim!

Here are links to the Evolving Illumination Poetry Challenge and the Name That Abstract #6, for anyone who would like to participate.  Thanks!

Love and blessings,



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