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Herb Book

For this post, I am sharing eight illustrations of herbs that have medicinal purposes. These paintings were created for a book cover. I’ve included close-ups and even some sketches. The sketches were done by one of my art assistants during a time when I was very busy with my illustration career. There is so much beauty within those drawings and they certainly made my job easier.

Dandelion Dandelion P Dandelion closeup 3Dandelion closeup 1Dandelion closeup 2Yarrow Yarrow P Yarrow closeup Wood Sorrel Wood Sorrel P Wood Sorrel closeup 2 Wood Sorrel closeup 1 Stinging Nettle Stinging Nettle PMullien Mullien P Mullien closeup Marshmallow Mullien closeup 1 Marshmallow P Marshmallow closeup 1 Hawthorn Hawthorn P Hawthorne closeup Coltsfoot Coltsfoot P Coltsfoot closeup 2 Coltsfoot closeup 1

For over thirty years, I’ve illustrated food. I have a blog where I describe my technique and have a lot more information. It is at: 


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Rondeau (Hart Crane Inspired)

Sudden pillows is what life needs

Dreams flower a meadow of weeds

Over horizons crops can grow

Upon collected ground scythes low

Break soil for urgent empire seeds


Further on where sweat starts beads

Lined up together against deeds

Piling with soreness’ overflow

Sudden pillow


Prayers come quiet take the lead

Even absent come for this plead

Return a wish of ebb and flow

Resistance can stay or may go

This life has no fantasy’s greed

Sudden pillow

Winter Gardens At Home(updated)

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

JT grabbed her Frisbee and me the camera and we went to walk the property so I could pick up any branches that may have come down it the nasty winds.  You will see there is no snow. Plenty chilly today.  The cat for some reason was running like she was a kitten again she is 12 now.  So I toss the disc over and over while making sure the cat did not leave and head out into the coyote filled woods, all the while capturing parts of our yard before it gets covered in snow, the 2 or 3 in. we had last week melted with warmer temps and torrential rains.  The river is actually at flood stage or 2 in. below today. Time to share our stroll around the yard.



Still Green




Makes me miss Summer




Bird Food






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Have A Holly Jolly Christmas


The male is above


and this is the female





I bought these two plants for my parents and placed them into the ground as tiny plants in 2000 twelve years later they are shoulder height on me and need to be pruned but every time I want to Mom says “Then I won’t have flowers or berries for the birds.”   Gee even I Trim MINE


Holly is one of those plants that make you think of Christmas

Have a Very Merry Christmas

Peace and Love


Sight (Part 3) – Poetry

Look at the tulip petals as they slowly unfold

Look at the wedding ring sparkling gold

Look at the clouds as they drift through the sky

Look at expressions of those who walk by


Look at the leaves curling on trees

Look at the hive that is made by the bees

Look at the spider web woven and glossy

Look at the mother, finger pointing and bossy


Look at the stars on warm summer nights

Look at the dog with the ball that he bites

Look at the crests of the waves on the beach

Look at the goals that are not out of reach


Look at the faces of those that smile wide

Look at the glow on the face of a bride

Look on the animals four legged or two

Look at the traveller who waves you adieu


Look at the butterfly wings coloured and frail

Look at the blind who reads using braille

Look at the flight of the woodland hawk

Look at the child the first time they walk


Look at the shiny, the dull, old and new

Look at the grass with it’s early morn dew

Look at the trees standing tall in the forests

Look at the sculptures and paintings of artists


Look at the joy in the faces of lovers

Look at the pain and suffering of beggars

Look at the perfectness of a newly born baby

Look at the kinship you have with your family


Look at the people who share wealth with the poor

Look at the people who only want more

Look at the sunshine on a hot summers day

Look at the winter snow, slowly drifting away



Sight…a simple thing we sometimes take for granted…sight…sometimes we see but do we actually look


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