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The Little Girl Is Now Woken Up

A sweet rippling sound echoing through the confined walls of the room, a girl wakes up due to the resulting disturbance from the sleep she was subjected to, the sleep- an escape from her pain, an escape to the realm of the dreams but now she is forcefully brought back to the realities of life. She is being forcefully woken up by the disturbance as a result of the rippling sound, though sweet, but a lot more agonising for the girl- whose name is unknown- no one knows who she is. She was just found in the corner of a street, her hair ruffled, her dried tears glistening under the bright sun. She is the girl no one knows anything about and thereby seen as a threat, she was confined to further tortures of life even when her earlier tortures are not known- she is facing the ordeal of getting confined, becoming a prisoner where she is given ample food and water but no freedom. This is her staying place where she lives but dies every moment; the air being lacking in the joys and pleasures she would have otherwise wanted. The little girl is now woken up by the disturbance- she is now again prone to the tortures, subjected to the pain- she now considers the way of her life. The little girl is woken up, the echo- the disturbance of the rippling sound, is now gone- disappeared in the air. The little girl is now woken up.


The River

The river seeping down the hill,

Crossing every hurdle, everything in between,

Leaving behind the pleasures of beginning,

Moving on the path where there is nothing but struggle.

It still streams down the hill, across the plateau,

To meet the end, the ultimate end,

Where it would find solace,

Where the journey would end-

The place where everything may not be good,

But this place has to be achieved anyhow,

That is the ultimate aim.

The river reaches the end, gets mixed with it,

Loses its identity,

But at the same time gets a new one that of the sea,

The vast one, a new identity.


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