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The Potato Chip Gene

I like potato chips.

It runs in my family.

The potato chip gene is passed down

To one of us randomly.


Some brands are better

But I prefer Lays

Just the original chips except for BBQ

For those I like Jays.


I try not to eat them.

They are bad for my health.

If you want to tempt me

I’ll take chips over wealth.


Chips are addicting

I have that weird gene.

I crave them often

I am the chip queen.


No crunching around me

It hurts my chip brain.

Existing with such limits

Is causing much pain.


I need a pill or a potion.

To end my chip habit.

Until then I’ll try to eat carrots.

And make like a rabbit.


I know that this poem

Sounds a bit lame

But, my rhyming is off

The chip gene is to  blame.


Copyright © Jamie Nowinski and Grandmother Wisdom/ Grandmother Musings 2012-2013.
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