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Growling with emptiness their

stomachs are burning with weakness

they are hungry.


Staring at their un-easiness

their bulging bellies retrieving us

it seems so defeat less

they say.


This hunger; this depleted health

melting on the meek

starving, incomplete.


The wealthy turn their heads

stuffing their mouths with the dead

homeless and poor, alone they are

writhing in pain.


Fulfilling the stomach on greed

is disastrous, when hunger seems

so vast, so immediate and

where’s the shame?


All of this world’s bounty wasted

on the meaningless — the insane.


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On where I stand

Where I Stand


I stand for those trying to make an honest living.

I stand for those unable to find a job.

I stand for capitalism…the ability to earn a living and reap the benefits of your own hard work.

I stand for those who work hard and still cannot make ends meet…

I’ve been there.

I stand for those who don’t think they’re entitled

Just because they breathe.

I stand for those…so many…who need help

And can’t find it.

I stand for all who are looked down upon and judged

Just because they are poor.

I stand for my beliefs in Jesus Christ.

I stand for the right to proclaim those beliefs.

I stand for loving those who share those beliefs…

and for still loving, and respecting others who do not.

I stand for loving all those who have plenty…

and all those who lack much.

I stand for you and for me                                on this journey…side by side.

I stand when I’d much rather                                        lie down crumpled in the corner.

I will stand until they                                                                lay me in the ground.


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