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Love Lost and Stolen


Though I am not aware of any great love

 beaming down upon me, I hope they are there

My lost son, my mother , her parents,

They speak to me, hear me when no one else does.

I have searched, believed, dreamed, loved

and seen all of that stolen from me.

In misery, drowning in tears, I have lain,

thinking of you, longing for your touch.

Oh, Holy Spirit, one whom I should trust

I often wonder where you are, near, or far

Do you watch over me while I suffer?

Do you not interject yourself in earths troubles?

There was a time when the majesty of your works,

the beauty of the forest and flowers of spring,

carried me to a place of pure delight.

Now, all I do is wonder what I did to make you leave.

Nothing can bring back what was stolen from me.

I try to find comfort in the winds, the sea,

To find you again, but I cannot see beyond the clouds.

I reach up, longingly to find only emptiness.

All you must do is reach down as I reach up,

as you did once and suddenly withdrew.

I hear the winds power, the majestic clouds.

But i want you, and can never ever have you here again.


6:20 A.M.

She died without me,

waiting until early morning hours.

Allowing a small grin, I know that if she were here

we’d giggle because we weren’t morning people.

She would have said to me, “I’ll take my leave

when you can’t see.” She knew I would be sleeping.

But that phone, that nurse’s voice,

the words that scarred me: There’s no time


I went, saw her. Saw her, gone.

Mom, you didn’t.

A white room, nursing home,

white blanket over her, hands folded,

not in prayer. That was left to me.

Her legacy? Fifty years of love

and no regrets.

We spoke those words out loud,

she to me, I to her.

They hold me now.


Thanksgiving Challenge


Thanksgiving is a time to reflect

It is a time to be truly thankful for all you have

It is not about what you lost

Nor about what you never had

It is a day to bow your head and give many thanks

Many before you have suffered and gone without

You are blessed to have all that you do

Try to remember this as you sit with your family

Maybe even all alone

Praise your GOD  for the bounty set out before you

For the beautiful sky

The Stars up above

For the food on your plate

Maybe just the drink in your hand

Be thankful


Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Americans

Happy Thanksgiving in the name of Peace and Sharing to all of you who live in this world with us.


5 in the Morning (A Day in the Life Challenge)

It’s 5 in the morning, and Marley the cat

Is screaming he’s hungry, that’s why he’s so fat

I stumble around him, on way to the loo

It’s always the first stop…admit it’s yours too!


Then head to the kitchen, and put on a pot

Of freshly brewed coffee, all steamy and hot

I tell dear old Marley, you’ll just have to wait

Can’t get our dear Gracie to meet the bus late


And as I am dressing, I’m racking my brain

In hopes that the mem’ry of dreams will remain

But rarely, if ever do I have such luck

They’re buried quite quickly in this brain of muck


I’m dressed and I’m ready, we’re out the front door

And happily head to the bus stop once more

We’re smiling and laughing and singing a song

Then here comes the bus ’round the corner ‘fore long


I wave my goodbyes and head back homeward bound

And there Marley sits, making nary a sound

I give him his breakfast, and maybe a treat

And now he can stay out from under my feet


I’m at the computer, with coffee in hand

To see what has happened in old Facebook land

Maybe I’ll blog a dear poem for you

If I can come up with a good one or two


Now off to my studies, and laundry perhaps

With thoughts sometimes swirling, like they’re running laps

But trying to focus, and doing my best

The time to relax will be after the test


When afternoon comes, Gen’ral Hospital’s on

It’s my guilty pleasure, I’ve watched it so long

And 2:30 comes and I head down the walk

To pick up dear Grace, and we have a nice talk


I ask her what kind of a day that she had

And what kind of homework, “well that’s not too bad!”

I get her a snack and we visit a bit

And then to the shower, if I haven’t yet


It’s time to get ready to head to my class

I want to do well, and not merely to pass

The classes are fun, almost all of the time

I’m glad to be learning, and I feel sublime


And now class is over, I load up my stuff

The day’s almost over, it’s not been too rough

I spend just awhile winding down this old mind

Then out of my scrubs, my dear bed looks so kind


As I lay my head on the pillow again

I lift up a prayer, and then say “Amen.”

But not that it’s all of the praying I’ve done

Throughout all the day I have talked to the One


Who blesses me daily, or may dry my tears

Reminds me He’s with me, and calms all my fears

And I close my eyes and before we both know

Another day’s over, to dreamland I go.


Put Down the Scythe

                HAVE YOU EVER…..

  Moved through life as if with a scythe?

  Causing pain, causing retreat…defeat.

  Do you ever sit and ponder your havoc?

  Do you ever pray not just for forgiveness,

  but for the rebirth of those left behind?

  Partly to assuage your guilt, partly to

  give life again to a lovely heart; you lay 

  in the dark praying for good things to

  befall the sweetness that is not yours.

  Put down your scythe!  

  Pray they open the door to their happiness.



Loud and obnoxious, I don’t want to be.

Calm, to speak gently, and smile pleasantly

What happened to me somewhere on the way

To make me defensive to so much they say

Defending myself when there’s really no need

I’ve been hurt so much, that my heart does still bleed

Lord, close up those wounds that are still so raw

Make the scars that I have, a strength, not a flaw

Make me an instrument of your peace

And all of the bitterness, help me release

This prayer today comes from deep in my soul

Lord, please give me back what the enemy stole.

I know what I ask is of things I must do

But I cannot do them without help from you.

So I’m placing myself in your gentle care

I trust in your love…you’ll help me get there.


Please keep praying for Scott…Please repost , reblog , share , like , pray

we summon our strength ,

for those so weak

the doors slam shut ,

not even a squeak

the younger it seems ,

they are beginning to go

I think there’s something ,

you and I should know

we sit and we wait ,

with nothing but hope

our love one’s we see ,

are trying to cope

just want you  to know

the prayers that we show

we hope you feel well as soon as you can Scott….We are still in your corner as you’re in our thought s…God bless

Please keep Scott and Ellen And their family in your thoughts …I Thank you for all your support …timzauto   Please copy the marker on this page and place on your own blogs in support of the need for a cure of this dreaded disease …

I will continue to share this so please bear with me .


Prayers for Scott

Please post this on your blogs
Scott is fighting for his life
Please copy and share

tears roll softly for someone close

the thoughts and feelings to expose

unwanted illnesses and  death

these words don’t ease the wrath

fighting battles that are never won

thinking tomorrow will never come

our prayers and wishes are with you                     Please copy and share this marker ,

                                                                                           post it on your blogs!!!!!!!

Tonight I will be praying for my cousins husband , His name is Scott He has cancer and he’s  not ready to go …Please take one minute and say a short prayer for him . Scott and Ellen we all love and support you and your family . god bless you both …Tim

Please share this on your blogs Thanks ..timzauto


timzauto at 3 years old (weekly photo challenge) .

Yes timzauto the country star


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Bright new day

I welcome you with your sunshine

And all the blessings just waiting to be discovered

Blessings from my God in heaven

Who loves me

With an amazing, perfect love

That love unimaginable, incomparable

From my dear, heavenly Father

Holy God

Your mercies are new each morning

I will cast all my cares on you, for you care for me

I will not become impatient

I will wait

Your way is often not quicker

With time and care, you work out all of the details

As only you could ever do

Thank you, God.

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our last night

Our night draws near

for our closeness so dear

a great day for all

the water we saw

walking in the park

the moons showing the dark

evening closeness we’ll show

for tomorrow she’ll go

we’ll both walk on air

till next prayer we share

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Saturday challenge

Reading Anne’s poem My Useless Saturday poem , I have an awesome idea everyone please submit a poem on their own  Saturday ….if you wish to join in the fun submit your poem in the comments below and I will post them for you…Thanks for joining in …also check Anne’s post …

My Useless Saturday Poem     

Please everyone join in … post your day !!!!


Soothing quiet in the house alone

A bird in the window, sounds of atone

Television on not much to see

Up and about I sit under a tree

Reading Birds post of birthday present

Dandelions matured without any scent

Another day going exciting or bored

Yes we’re alive , thanks to the lord

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Morning Prayer

Morning has arrived again.

What will this day hold?

Will it be a happy day,

Or full of troubles, bold?

Will you find me ready

If this should be the day?

Or will you find me striving,

Or wandering astray?

Keep my foot from stumbling

As this new day goes on

That only love will rule my heart

Until the day is done.

And if I wake tomorrow

I’ll start it all again

Let my feet follow you, O Lord,

Forever…and amen.


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