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Another Blog, I forgot!

Today, I realized that I had started a blog. Oh! It has been so long. I had completely forgotten its presence in the blogosphere. Today, I finally made a post there.

Fellow writers- if you want to exercise your writing more frequently, please do pay a visit to this blog which is indeed a community of writers where they can converse in poetic verses- http://comeonletsbepoetic.wordpress.com/

For more info regarding the blog, please visit- http://comeonletsbepoetic.wordpress.com/hello-welcome-to-conversational-poetry/


Weekly Writing Challenge by Tim! Here is My Entry…

There has been an urge in me to camp in the wilderness,

Hear the animal sounds, growls of the trees,

Never did I experience it but the dream sustains its place,

I would one day definitely want to camp,

In the wilderness and hear with my open ears,

The sound of the wild, the growl of the unknown,

And face the moon light in the open; shine in its presence,

Discard everything else and be wild in the wilderness.


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