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Lord help me !

"Broken sky"

“Broken sky”









Photo credit : Julian Hernandez (c) D.R.


If we are in prison,
It’s as real as a deadly illusion,
If we are in prison,
We’re as alive as this poor confusion !

And days go by like barbed wire,
And I can’t stand the midnight choir,
Every time we dance on fire,
You just want to take me higher…

And if we are in prison,
I guess this is a golden cage,
And if we are in prison,
I only have to calm my rage !

For it’s a sin to stay awake
When everyone sleeps in one’s bed,
Although we still have love to make,
Even to watch the walking dead.

February, the 10th

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At Ease

Words never came easy to me

now I drink these words with a gulping familiarity, a familiarity

that soothes my throat with pleasure

frees my throat from this steel prison of silence.

How easy it appears to my starving unsatisfied soul

to pick up this glass full of language, full of words

and feel it glide like a cool river through my esophagus.

The wild well of pained/buckets full

of crap, releases like a snap snap/surging

fluently to the surface

it reveals itself

as if it were always there, waiting

waiting to speak. How easy it appears

from time to time the steel snap snaps!

and there you are

free, familiarity; facing directly

surly you speak, words surely familiar rise,

soothing my throat with peace

how easy it comes to be – 

at ease.

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