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Striving for happiness..

We move without thinking
Our lives clash without a thought
demeanor come in all colors
To be happy is what we sought

Looking back It comes so freely
Our future is hard to see
We struggle with our present
We just can’t let it be

Worry is the main affliction
So hard to turn it down
Most days we paint a smile on
On the inside it’s just a frown

I move in ways of secrecy
Not wanting to be seen
Never knowing exactly what I want
I’m always in between

my way

Venus Doom

Venus Doom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

nonsensical my day today

another anticipated soon

diabolical in form

as we all hide from doom

sights are all confusing

we all do what they say

never really thinking

how we can change today

my  next real day

as soon as it comes

i will change my way

and see how it becomes


Right2Write Prompt 9: Stop Terrorism

Her tears cascaded slowly down collecting on the photo album that she guarded with all her capability. Abigail and her father were so close , they did everything together. The night before he left they had spent the night arm in arm. He promised Abigail he would bring her something special when he returned.

It was on the third day after he had left , the warnings began to come in . According to the news ,bombing threats were in place as the government was telling people to take cover and remain inside.  Abigail was in school waiting for her mom to come pick her up when the first strike hit. the bombs fell randomly . Bridges had been knocked out and buildings had been leveled as  roads were impassable. The next strike hit as Abigail’s mom was turning into the school parking lot. A cluster of bombs hit the school as she watched in horror, jumping from the car she ran to what was left of the school.  Wandering the hallways screaming Abigail’s name seemed like an eternity for her.

The doorbell rang startling her as she returned to reality . Quickly she wiped the tears from her face walking to the door. It had been one year to the date since the bombings had happen in their small town. A smile broke on her face as Abigail walked through the door . Listening to little Abigail telling her about their trip to the cemetery to put flowers on her dads grave . She said to her mom that she and grandma made a sign for daddy’s grave that said please stop terrorism….


sand sculpture by Sudarshan Pattnaik



floating in space



sitting in space

my mind is a blur

as thinking flies through me

I try to transfer

excitement is hanging

calmness is tame

memory being sporadic

existence  is framed

watching from outside

I see what to do

making the connection

then its withdrew

fear that controls me

I can’t seem to appease

I’m lost and I’m floating

waiting to seize





window of my soul

the day goes by

it’s a light that I see

like a window to the future

I know what will be

passions growing wilder

my soul gets reborn

never looking back

on reflections of scorn

my soul has a new window

the glass clean and clear

my new days are reeling

i see my new frontier


found love

It burns in my heart

my vision of her never yielding

wants being unsure

thoughts for her never shielding

brought back to life

a new love I’ve found


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right2write prompt 6 summoning them

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her pain was so intense

she stood still as not to be noticed

she summoned  them

everyone , even the remotest

she never knew

they looked up to her as a god

worshiped her

to them she was never flawed

her distress continues today

still they never notice

she summons them

everyone, even the remotest






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energy evolving


energy evolving

particles showering  down

it washes my untouched body

feelings  that I may drown

space lit up around me

electricity where I stand

tensions start to fade away

give in to no demands

breathing in this special orb

dreaming into the night

healing body and souls alike

from this celestial moons light





venting to the perfect crowd


How much…..I mean everyday how much interactive crap from unwanted people do we need to put up with… It seems now days everyone is searching for perfection from others in the way they view their life. There is no compromise left what so ever. I for one am not perfect nor will I ever be perfect so to those of you looking for perfection or others to deal with your own version of perfection GOOD LUCK. I am single and to tell the truth probably will be for a while.  Thanks for letting me go…wow I already feel better



Right2write prompt 4; Fingers

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roughly it shows

without any touch

like separated couples

their loves lost so much

feelings turned vain

humor has gone

each sitting silent

before their new dawn

once there was hardship

they firmed up like stone

fingers turn cautious

down to the bone


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