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Seduction & Release


My senses, my perceptions, borne by intuition

want, no crave, to gaze upon

that beauty that calls for recognition.

Such is the euphoria that causes me to don

the garb, to encounter that perfection

and throw the line, to seek that connection.

Oh what exhilaration I feel

when I turn on the reel.

The art has been applied for seduction

and the release has been given in admiration. 

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A Photo, Suggestive of What?

Last Light (by SwittersB)

I took this photograph several years ago. It is below Harpham Flats on the Deschutes River. At the time, the significance of the photograph for me was sun going over the canyon rim and what that portends to the steelhead fisherman….positive possibilities of a take now that the sun is off the water.

Years later, I took the same photo and cast a new meaning to it, for my Aunt’s funeral memorial slide show I put together.

Last Light (by SwittersB)

Now, the photograph had a different meaning for me when I used it in the slide show. The ending, the last light of life, the growing darkness yet beauty still evident. Now I could have left the text out of the presentation and it would have easily still suggested the same thing given the totality of circumstances. I opted for the more positive touch of a loving salutation.

Yes, the photograph suggests many things depending upon the moment in time.





Anne’s ( shed challenge )

This post is for the challenge (The Shed) by Anne Sikes Please play along at:


seeing holes from the roof and walls

kept sight of my feet to stop all falls

Clive the cat ,  standing at my feet

renewed my courage for things I’d meet.

walking in further and took a look ,

what was this, it  looked like a book

I grabbed and opened it, was set back in glee

for I was holding my own family tree.

something of value that couldn’t be bought

for generations to come it now will be sought

the old shed was here for years standing sound

taking care for this presence to some day be found


July 4th challenge submitted by Clive the cat

July 4th to me

walking in smells , sounds

hovering close to the ground

sly cat strut , from person to person

stopping at everyone A through Woodson

rubbing and feeding I’m getting it all

eating so much I barely can crawl

July 4th is for people and cats related

Independence Day for me is long-awaited

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Clive the cats homesick entry (weekly challenge)

the night slow and silent

storm loud and violent

Clive was hidden under a car

in the distance he stared at a star

Cleo he knew was pacing at home

worried of late maybe she’d roam

Clive and Cleo shared the same heart

in love they were  , couldn’t pull them apart

Clive couldn’t stand being caught in the storm

homesick he was , as he tried to stay warm

he called out for Cleo , but had no return

not to travel far away , soon he would learn


Homesick at 10 Weekly Challenge

English: A view of the cabins at Kineowatha Ca...

English: A view of the cabins at Kineowatha Camps, Wilton, Maine, circa 1920. Kineowatha began as a girls summer camp, founded in 1914 by Elizabeth Bass and Irving McColl. Glass negative. Courtesy of the Maine State Museum. Retouched by MarmadukePercy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think the first time I ever left home I was 10 or so . I went to a summer camp for one week . It was a church camp for kids , on a lake in the middle of New York State . My sister had gone the year before so she knew what we were in store for . Upon arrival I was taken back from all the kids that were there , it had to be two hundred or more. The sun was shining and for me , I had to go to a short indoctrination with my parents to get acquainted with the grounds and activity’s . When we were through it was time for the parents to go , wow I was on my own for the first time .

It was a feeling of internal power , I could feel my heart pounding a little harder. My breathing was a little deeper and I even think I was standing a little taller . We went right into the activity’s we had picked following our assignments for sleeping . The cabins were amazing , made of log and trimmed with wood , they were kept in immaculate condition . The first day was busy , I’m sure to keep the homesickness at bay .

I learned the first day how to make a candle , then went swimming in the lake . It was the best time I ever had , we went to eat the evening meal having hot dogs and hamburgers ( which was my all time favorite ) . Before we settled down for the night  we all gathered in a big field to listen to the next days announcements as well as singing a few songs. We finally went back to our cabins and there , once I lay in my bed came the biggest sense of loneliness I have ever had . The first time in my life that I hadn’t seen or talked with my mother before I went to sleep . The sense of fear was out of my control , as I thought about home and my own bed I truly was homesick .

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Goodbye by Jen Lyn

Jen Lyn (love_unforgiven) wrote in poetssociety,

Just thought I would share this with everyone …I found this poem surfing one of my other sites …she is awesome


How about a sense of urgency?
Since we lack so much in honesty
This isn’t about us breaking free
This is simple about what’s meant to be.
It’s timeless, a mere classic
I’m just slightly spastic
You’re are merely fantastic
This relationship is plastic
Like an empty bar, its useless
I’m thinking you’re clueless
You’re a bomb, but fuseless
It’s being red, but hueless
Stop being so damned transparent
You’re getting so damn arrogant
I’ve never been much for eloquent
I thought everything was apparent
Try this shit on for size
I’m broken down beneath your lies
This is bring on the despise
Is this the good in goodbyes?


life in clearing..?

This clearing has consequences

lost memory’s and past tense’s

was my past ,  motions of pre-existence ?

practice of a life with no audience ?

losing is all around , some of it good

to be truly happy ,  lose we would

things not working , lose we should

clearing of friendships ,  that hold shame

also a few that point my blame

in this time I’ve been reborn

to clear this wrong I have sworn

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nite notions..

flower gardens growing tall

well maintained over all

looking sharply , I see it crawl

darkness falling in my hall

R  E  M  is where I’m at

see in black , just like a cat

watching things that don’t make sense

begin animation in past tense

dreaming , waking who’s to blame

now it always feels the same


Morning Walk

Walking this morning , the wind blows soothing

Branches in the trees moving slight from left to right

The sun with its warmth , makes the day fit so good

Birds all around , all the noise there singing drowns

One blink of an eye , the clouds are there

The birds themselves feel our despair

I sense my body returning into this confining room

My eyes are closed and I feel this on my face

Walking this morning , the wind blows soothing

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July 4 a new day

We returned to the campsite , the sun had just risen and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky . It was the beginning of a day that all dream of ,  I grabbed a lounge chair and settled in .  Mary sat in front of me , she had a small blanket in her hand and threw it over both of us . The feelings I felt were that of a perfectly matched couple , we had so much in common .  Mary and I  sat quietly just holding one another ,  I don’t know exactly when but we both were soon in a deep slumber .

I woke to sounds of the others rummaging about , Mary was snuggled tightly in my arms . I lay there studying her face as she slept , enjoying the closeness of our morning . The air was clean and fresh , the sounds of the rippling water calmed the scene straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting . I grew up in one of the most beautiful places in the world and took it all for granted . We all were  so naive to the ways of the world , not really having a worry to speak of .

Mary soon woke up smiling as she looked up at me , saying morning , she  kissed me lightly on the cheek . We had only been asleep for a couple of hours but it seemed forever since we spoke . Mary lay there in my arms waking up as we discussed what we could do for the day . It was July 4 th , the biggest day of the summer . The volunteer fireman threw a small carnival on this day every year . It was complete with a softball tournament and fireworks . The carnival had several games that one could win little trinkets , but most of us looked at them like trophy’s of our talents . There were also five or six small amusement park rides for the enjoyment of kids .



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