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You may have to click the title above to see the entire concrete poem. It clips on my screen. Couldn’t find a way to force it to use the entire width.

?         R 
 ?        E 
  ?       F 
   ?      L 
    ?     E 
     ?    C 
      ?   T 
       ?  I 
        ? O 
          ?R E F L E C T I O N
T H I N G S?
           T?      L
           H ?    O
           I  ?  V
           N   ?E
           G    ?L O V E
           S     ?    T
                  ?  A
            H A T E?H
                   E?H A T E
                  T  ?
                 A    ?
                H      ?
                        ?    D
                  L I F E?   E
                         D?  A
                         E ? T
                         A  ?H
                         T   ?M O R E D E A T H
                         H    ?
                           Y O U?
                                O ? M
                                U  ?E
                                R   ?      N
                                S    ? M   O
                                E     ?E   W
                                L      ?   H
                                F       ?  E
                                         ? R
                                           ?E V E R Y W H E R E
                            Y E S T E R D A Y?        T
                                             Y?      O
                                             E ?    D
                                             S  ?  A
                                             T   ?Y
                                             E    ?N O W
                                             R     ?
                                             A      ?
                                             Y       ?
                                                    M E? M

Blinding Sun

We all know you aren’t supposed to look straight on at the sun.  So for kicks I aimed my camera phone towards the sky, looked away and clicked a picture of the otherwise blinding and bright afternoon sun.   This was on my way to the bus stop near a building provides shade on the walk to the stop, so it’s not as though I was just wandering around outside in the summer for fun.

I thought it looked interesting, considering I wasn’t looking directly at my intended object.

My only other photos of the sun are sunsets, such as this pair of photos taken near San Diego Bay.


Solitude & Reflection


If one stopped, the water’s surface would settle, showing a very beautiful sky. The afternoon wind has died down; evening approaches. The sun is low and the temperature has the hint of coolness. The Loon cries in the distance. Not another soul is near. This is the time one should rest the mind; stop and reflect. But, I am always in a hurry to get to the other side. Someday…….


Rain Drop

The rain drop on my tiny finger,

Drowns away my false perceptions,

And reflects back to me,

My own reality.

A tiny winy rain drop can bring wonders to your life and can even detonate the common timer for the explosives hidden in various areas of your life. A tiny winy rain drop…


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