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Get out the picture, blow off the dust

Take off the frame, it’s starting to rust

Remember the times that we had together

What happened to being best friends forever?


You don’t seem to notice, you don’t seem to care

You promise me something, and then you aren’t even there

You tell people my secrets; tell me your lies…

Who wants a friend… that makes you want to cry?


Life takes your dreams and turns them upside down

Friends talk about you when you’re not around

People make promises they just can’t keep

I’ve come to realize… talk is cheap


Some people don’t catch on, they rather just pretend.

While things are going smooth, they smile and call you ‘friend’.

Funny how you never know who cares until it hurts, and when it’s over,

Does it matter who blew off whom first?


I’ll never find another friend to take the place of you.

No one will ever touch my world exactly like you do.

No one who’s quite so thoughtful, no one I cherish so.

No one will mean so much to me I just wanted you to know.



‘’I love the way you love me’’

I love the way you make me feel

like I can tell you anything

I love the way you make me smile

like all my joy is yours to bring

I love the way you call my name

like all the world makes perfect sense

I love the way that you care

for everyone is so intense

I love the way that you love me

you have my heart it’s true and real

I love the way that I can say…

My dearest one, I love you so.


He Was Once Mine

I never thought I would love someone like him

Never in my wildest dreams that I would meet him

But then, as I travel in my life’s journey

He came into my life and thought he’s my destiny.


He brought wonderful things in my life

He opened my eyes to see the splendor of love.

He showed me the way to his heart

He taught me everything that I should know about love.


He cared for me like I’m his one and only

He showed me how to love unselfishly

But he never teach me the art of letting go

He never teaches me the cure of hurting so.


I thought my first love will be my last

I thought it’s him to spend the rest of my life

But the hugs and kisses that I once have

Now, they all belong to somebody’s life.


For Anne’s Challenge

Astounding Assemblage

Astounding the assemblage, auto parts,
tools, tires, all sorts of mismatched, unused things.
How odd the memory this junkyard brings:
Am I someone unloved, cast off, whose heart’s

desire is simple? Give me daily bread,
and in the giving, share your kindness. Touch
me at my depth. I fear there isn’t much
to me, that what my father, back then, said–

“Nothing but skin and bones, a skeleton–”
is true. He spoke about my weight, but all
I heard was “Nothing,” and I took a fall
in confidence. Then he and I were done.

Well, so it seemed. Relationship of rocks
made pleasing him impossible. I tried.
O, did I try…but couldn’t. Yes, I cried
so often, wondering about the clocks

that seemed to stop. We didn’t talk for years.
2009: Lung cancer claimed him. We
both wrote, so had fun sharing poetry.
I wonder still if he knew all my fears.

Astounding the assemblage, parts of life
that color where we go and what we do.
I want to hear a songbird sing, dove coo,
instead, sometimes, hear dissonance of strife.


A family day

a visit from a cousin

her son came a long too

have missed her for a dozen

reasons or more , it’s true

we talked last night

how we’ve been uptight .

so today is for fun

we’ll include her son

viewing visions once seen

maybe when we were teens

we’ll laugh smile and such

I love her so much .


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Fathers Day

Relationship? A rocky one. We saw
not eye to eye. Didactic his demands
that stuck stress down into my life. His brands
of fathering held much that was a flaw.

I couldn’t measure up to what he asked.
But how I tried. My grades, my skinniness,
my shyness, all so wrong to him. I guess
his standards were too high. And so I basked

in mediocrity…until I thought:
Hey, wait a minute. I’m just hurting me.
Then when assertiveness grew from my tree
he thought that I neglected all he’d taught.

No, I had not. It took him time to see
that I had integrated what he knew.
I did not need to see and share his view-
point. Yes, we could agree to disagree.

And when we knocked this fence down all things changed.
Discovering our writing passions gave
us time to savor and to learn. I save
these times, all rocks and chaos rearranged.

(To my father, N.J.K., 1919-2009)


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