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Peace………..coming slowly

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As a new year begins for me alongside this stream I feel like the time is coming to share a few personal things with you.

No not that personal  well then again maybe.

You know insight, a reason for still being here.  I thought I could hide behind a few pretty pictures but a few have seen through my exterior and are behind me hiding but also know in time my story will come to light.  I am really writing a few books, I have the words all in my head now to make them come out the way you who write do.  Guess that is my fear that in telling a story  the reason for it gets lost in the wrong words as I am not a writer maybe more a story-teller, again hiding the real heartbreak.

So 35 years ago I was a month away from having my…

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Camping Along A River

Boulders in a Stream

Next Time Color


We are planning another visit

We will sleep this time,  in a tent

Yes our dog will be inside there with us

She loves our camping trips too.


Winter will be here soon.

The leaves have begun to change .

With less light each day, they will lose their green color

and their grip on the limbs.


So it is time for us to go say goodbye to the stream

that has given up her gold flakes to us all summer

and to see our friends before the north country is covered in

ice and snow. You know I hate it so.


This trip though, we will spend the day in the river, brrrr

and evenings we will have a beautiful fire

and share meals with our friends.


Looking to stay on my plan, even when I am away from home.

Today there was another 2.4 pounds gone.  It is not so much

really hard work for me, as it is adding activity that doesn’t

cause a lot of pain.  I find it easy to take a walk with the pup so

I see her and I going for a walk and many photos being taken by me.


I know the men will want steak or burgers, these two LOVE BURGERS

and will use lots of energy collecting Gold from the bottom of the

stream bed but I am thinking out of the box for me.  Do any of you

camp out in a tent and cook on the fire?  Any good meal ideas?


There will be a day I do not post but I will before and you know after

I will have lots of weird things to share with you all.

I will have endless days of catching up on what has been happening with



So  for now, I will be busy packing , just the right things and making sure he doesn’t forget a thing .



So if you have any ideas for meals over a fire can you get them to me here or

at        Eunice356@gmail.com







Dry Floral Arrangements

Dry, brittle, hot…no, actually this was a late October morning on the Deschutes River. It was 13 degrees out. I hunkered down to take the shot to gladly escape the upriver wind. A beautiful river, but one should always be careful here.


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