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A Letter to Laura

Dear Laura

I know you’re anxious to be off into the world after such a cloistered existence but going over the wall is not the answer.

In so many ways you’re an adult beyond your years and in many others, much younger than 16, so the outside world is going to eat you up, just like that big, bad wolf.

The tattered remains of your childhood may not be much of a comfort blanket but that does not mean you need to panic. Besides, it doesn’t matter whether you’re running towards or away, the terrors will always pursue you.

Better to stride out having planned your journey, more than one step at a time. Even better, seek fellow travellers instead of being so self-reliant and then falling by the wayside where only passing vagrants can help you along.

You’ll need much more sustenance before you set out – why don’t you sleep on it?

With love now and always


p.s. Did anyone ever tell you just how precious you are?

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Many Faces of Loneliness


“Loneliness is an unpleasant feeling in which a person feels a strong sense of emptiness and solitude resulting from inadequate social relationships.”

Sisters hardened by an ugly man,

who escaped his wrath

by running into the night.

They left home, scars lacing their bodies.

They left home, with nary a bag.

They left home with nary an idea of who they were.

Life became their man,

their things, their perception of  self.

Their men died. They unwound.

They never did know which face was theirs.

They hid amongst their stuff.

Loneliness took hold, they’d had enough. 

Such vile evil is a hand raised to a child.



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