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Taco SceneFor over thirty years, I’ve illustrated food.Because I have a lot of illustrations with veggies, I am breaking them into several posts. All of these paintings were created before the digital age.Taco Scene Close up 1Taco Scene Close up 2Some of these illustrations are actually marker layouts, while others are watercolor paintings. I am including some close-ups. Since my career spanned over thirty years, I clearly see a lot of development with my style. Some clients demanded extreme realism, whereas other clients preferred a specific style. SandwichIt is definitely cool to go into the market and purchase pickles with my illustration on the label. Sometimes, I can’t resist telling the checker in the supermarket that I painted that pickle on the label. There’s never a “dill moment” for me.Ragu Labels

This was a marker sketch and not a finished illustration.

Vegetable Medley

Salsa ingredients-aerial view

Produce Medley Produce Medley close up 2 Produce Medley close up 1

I did relish doing this job.

I did relish doing this job.

Chicken Plate & Fork

Whoever thought turkey drumsticks were cute?

Whoever thought turkey drumsticks were cute?

For this lucrative assignment, I illustrated over one hundred labels.

For this lucrative assignment, I illustrated over one hundred labels.

I have a lot more information about my illustration career on my blog “Illustrating My Life,” which can be found at this link: http://foodartist.wordpress.com 


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Mr. Sandwich Shop Guitar Man

I see you
      Turn your pages
I hear you
      Sing your songs
But I know
      You are not here with me

You are not here
      Next to the soda kiosk
         Where thirsty patrons
         Bashfully avoid eye contact
         While cupping ice and drink

You are not here
      Across from the counter
         Of energetic salami assemblers
         Who call your name
         At the end of each song

You are not here
      Near the booth
         Where the father asks
         For Puff the Magic Dragon
         Confused when you say you don’t know it

Mr. Sandwich Shop Guitar Man

I see you
      On a different stage
      At a different time

Without the air of
      Pickles and potato chips

Without the air of
      Tired moms and milk shakes

Without the air of
      Longing to be singing
      Anywhere but here
      Anywhere but here

But here you are
      Singing to the sandwiches
      Turning pages to find a tune
      Perfect for a ham and swiss
      Perfect for a pickle
      Perfect for Jackie Paper
         And his dad
         And the counter jockeys
         Who call your name
         And bring you back

So your journey
   May begin

(c) 2010, Norman Dziedzic Jr.


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