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Dem Bones

Yesterday when our 11 year-old granddaughter was here, after I gave her her piano lesson and after she proudly showed me how she could play the B-flat scale on the bells from her brand-new percussion kit, she wanted to go out and climb trees. So, camera in hand, I followed her and snapped pics of her high up in trees or hugging trees or peeking out from behind them.

Then I had to go in to get dressed for a special dinner last night. We would drop her off at home earlier than usual, on our way out. Her mom was home so it worked out fine.

While this little tomboy was still outside, I heard these words: “Memah, come quick! Look what I found.”

I was in the middle of getting dressed, so I called down to her that I’d be there in a few minutes. In the meantime, I heard my husband: “Hmm, I’m not sure Grandma is going to want these in the house. Could you put them on the picnic table?”

These? Them? My imagination stirred.

As I came downstairs I heard her say, “Don’t look yet. I want you to be surprised.” She has loved surprises since she was small.

So I came out onto the deck, looking down. Her words instructed me:

“Sit down. Keep your eyes closed.”

My stomach churned at what I was about to see. After all, this is the child who is not afraid of snakes, who picks them up, who has loved bugs since she was small, and thinks critters of all kinds are fabulous.

“OK. Open your eyes.”

“TA-DA! Memah, isn’t it cool?”

She had I don’t know how many tiny bones, and had begun putting them in some kind of order: leg bones, spine bones, what looked like ribs (14 of them), a head, teeth, pelvic-type bones, all kinds. The head was in four pieces and when she put them together it was absolutely complete.

I have to admit that it was pretty cool. She took a magnifying glass to study each one, and she looked like a little scientist as she ordered and attempted to name the various bones. She can’t wait to take them to school on Monday.

“Mr. S. (her science teacher) will love these.”

When we dropped her off at home her mom was less-than-thrilled to have two small Tupperware boxes of bones on the kitchen counter. But she, and M.’s older brother were interested.

This all makes sense because she has told me that her favorite class is science. She’s a girl who deals in facts, so science and math are her favorite subjects. She’s good at all of them, and gets all As, but she prefers the immovable, factual scientific and mathematical concepts.

As for me, I loved watching her fascination with this collection of bones which she thinks might have been a fox.

So long ago… So far away…

So long ago so far away,

there came a new day

of beauty and joy,

of lust and coy-

when everything was fine

and the stars did shine

with their incandescent glow

their beauty, they did show.

Something came along then,

it was the time when

the things started to change,

everything became strange-

that time was when came

a very weird name-

the science beast, so queer

it came from the seer

who visited the lands

and analyzed the sands,

brought upon this anthology

for studying subjects like biology

the people were angry at first

and the cloud of anger did burst

but soon they adapted to this gift

which was responsible for every shift

in the nature of our history-

here comes the bizarre end of my story, so blustery.


The Man in The Window…young Terrance

I have done some research on the McMillan family after talking with Mary Alice . I went to the newspaper archives and found some interesting information . The clarity of this whole situation reminded me of driving in a snow storm  . Terrance Theodore McMillan was born on September 26 1943 ,  according to local rumors he was also born almost three weeks premature . He was a rather small child and was looked after closely by his mother . Mary didn’t let him out of her sight , she even schooled him at home as there were no records of Terrance attending the local pubic school .

 One of the most amazing things about this little mystery is , there’s no record of young Terrance’s body being found . I have made appointments with the local historians , maybe they know something of this personally . I am also going to speak with some of the older persons in town and see what they remember of the McMillan family . The facts were very scattered, and being the early 50s, were often easily overlooked . In this small town everyone knew everyone , or closer to the fact , the only things they really knew where passed down from generation to generation . The imaginations of some ran away , personal attacks were perpetrated by others , as long as the foundation of these invasions were supported by other towns people  . I do know from speaking to a few , the McMillan family stayed to themselves , because of this they drew gossip and rumors being spread about them .

The next thing about this whole mess that makes my skin crawl is I was also born on September 26 exactly 20 years after young Terrance .


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Our Happiness…

I look around as I walk in the sun

remembering many times we had  fun

there isn’t a cloud up in the sky

in a concerning  instant I wonder why

is there some reason for life’s quest

or is it for me to just try my best

I want one thing , to get over this mess

with you to enjoy , our own happiness



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