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Beauty grows amid shadows….

Beauty grows amid shadows….

growing darkness , impending furry .

looking back , everything blurry .

shadows building , nights arrangement .

grow up around us , total betrayment .

clouds moving by , moon light shown .
light shines beauty , through shadows blown .

Beauty grows amid shadows ….Poetry Challenge…

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The Life’s Truth

Getting to know what it means to live

Doesn’t sound so greedy to me

But whenever I try doing so

I’m disregarded

I’m called an impostor

Trying to know the secret ways that lie within

Within our reach but so beyond

I want to know what it means to live

I want to know why do I want to know it

The questions aren’t questions

They’re statements

There are no answers

But only the truth, still hidden beyond my reach

I just grieve; grieving to find it.


Google Knows I’m God’s Worst Child

Image representing Google Images as depicted i...

Image via CrunchBase - Google Knows Everything!!

I just love WordPress‘s dashboard. It is fun to see the little map light up with color, or to see how many times someone looks up my gravatar. I love the breakdown of which of my many bizarre stories people have continually looked up…they are never the ones I think were my best! But best of all, is the search terms that people typed into Bing or Google that led them to my site. I have wonderful ones.

Without doubt, Disclaimer: I’m God’s Worst Child Ever is my popular article of all time. So, approximately 180 people have typed in “God’s worst child” and they’ve been directed to me. Out of curiosity, I’ve been asking random friends to type that in and see what comes up. Guess what! My article..no wonder it is doing well. My son typed the phrase in to Google Images, and my picture pulls up. I guess I’m seriously God’s Worst Child!!

Number two article is trailing behind the first one at 169 searches, and it is How My Own Brain Humiliated Me. The phrase internet explorers keep using to find this one, you ask?

Three boobs. :-)

I typed that one in, and thankfully, while it pulls up my article, I’m not number one, nor does my picture pull up under Google Images. I can live with being God’s Worst Child, but if everyone who has never seen me thinks I have Three Boobs, I’ll just die…

— Bird


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