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You see that I have now become obsessed
with poems on September tragedy,
with thoughts I cannot easily digest.

Our nation’s equanimity was stressed
when enemies went on a killing spree.
You see that I have now become obsessed,

and cannot shake the shadows that oppressed
a day with death, the air full of debris.
Those thoughts I am not able to digest.

To tell the truth, whoever could have guessed
that USA would be their designee?
You see that I have now become obsessed

with processing the fact that their flight test
took place in schools right here. Then they’d break free.
These thoughts I cannot easily digest.

No, we would not surrender to arrest.
Yes, we stand strongproclaims our lit marquee.
Although you see that I have been obsessed,
I write to process thoughts that won’t digest.

I Remember….


9-11 I remember so many years ago,

The senseless crime when lives were lost,

And terror filled the sky.

Hands reached out in disbelief of what they saw before them,

Screams of fear and cries for help

I remember  many years ago.

When strangers came together for those that lost their lives,

And honored them for bravery

Yes, I remember when.

A stain has marked our earth

She is forever scarred with heroes,

For I remember when……



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