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Shadow of Darkness

She saw you last night and you were just standing there.  Standing in the shadows of darkness in pure silence.  It was a side of seriousness that had not been attained in a while for us.  If you knew the thousand of questions she wanted to ask you and it was nothing like what you would have expected.  You just being there spoke in volumes enough that she really couldn’t have asked for anything more.

She just sat there in silence as well wondering what was going on.  She wanted to jump up, give you a hug and know what has been going  on.  All that was ever given was a heart-warming smile and as he walked away he blew a kiss and said, I’m sorry and vanished into thin air.



reach me



all of my life

i’ve hid inside shadows,

never willing to


there was someone

like you


reach me.


don’t give up

on who you think you’ve found.

because it’s you

and only you

will ever



written April 2013

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Shadow Walkabout

Luke’s exhaustion consumed his last blink as he slipped beneath the watery depths of sleep.  His demons however did not retreat, chasing him relentless.  Their footprints forming trails of steam behind him, or were they his.  Gone too quick for anyone to follow, lost so that he never shares his burdens.  He has to rest and the only shade he can see is provided by a shadow with no discernible source.  In his fatigue his senses are dulled and his awareness is clouded, so he fails to realise that he stands under a shadow, cast by no one or from nothing.

Suddenly a girl, no more than 8 years old, appears by his side.  Her face is glowing; she is vibrant, energetic and quizzically turning her head as she stares at him.  She seems confused with Luke’s stance. “Why do you stand in the sun, when shade is at hand?” she asks, sweeping her hand in a gentle movement towards a Coolabah tree.  “You look hot, would you like a drink?”

Luke’s dried lips crack as he opens mouth.  He has dare not speak for as long as he can remember, out of fear that his lips would dissipate in the wind.  “Where did you come from?” his voice rasps.

She just smiles, and then skips away deeper into the desert.  The shadow pursues her vainly into the darkness of the forgotten.  Luke thinks of yelling out to her again, but raising his hand to hail her is painful enough.  Confused he isn’t sure what is real.  The thought however is too hard to contemplate at the moment, so he turns, crunching the barren soils beneath his feet as he drags his feet slowly to the tree.  Where did this tree come from he wonders, but in a land with no landmarks and no recollection of how he got here, there is little time to be concerned with such trivial matters.

He reaches the edge of the shade and mutters to no one in particular “Goodbye” before stepping over the threshold.  He wakes before he feels the cool relief of the shade.  Lying face down in reality, to face the battles of life that refuse to submit even in surreal lands.



Off and on I have been trying to work on Palindromes, which I find so-ooo difficult. Not sure if this works at all, but I offer it as my poor attempt.


Fading dreams

in deep black.

Dark shadows appear

then sleep

comes when least expected.

Time passing


insomniacs all reading,

passing time expected least

when comes sleep.

Then appear shadows

dark, black,


in dreams.



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