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Our Day trawling around the Furniture Shops

And so I be in a writing mood or should I perhaps say mode

Today we ventured furniture shopping to adorn our humble abode

Alas we found nothing that took our fancy so

We came back empty handed not parting with our dough


All we want is a simple buffet not the buffet that means food

A cabinet for kitchen we hunted for and we determinedly perused

Some were made of Australian oak, some were laminate

We baulked at prices, workmanship, it was more than we could take


So we are empty handed not a buffet to our name

And we shall hunt again next week and hopefully strike our claim

For how hard is to shop for one, tis harder you than you think

At least now home and feet put up I can have a bloody drink!

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Turkey, trimmings, family, fun
Anticipation, cooking, finally, “Come.”
A glass of wine, an appetizer plate,
No more hours we need to wait.

The planning of this grand event
is fraught with feelings.
“Four’s too late,” says one, the other, “I wish three
is when we’d eat.”

The girls now disagree and I am caught
between my daughter, daughter-in-law.
Daughter’s going shopping, 4 AM,
and DIL says evening plans

have shown their face.
I want to placate everyone and keep the peace,
make all as happy as can be.
This seems beyond my boundary.

A sis-in-law and hubby come
tomorrow night to stay four days.
Their visit gives me joy,
and keeps the petty arguments at bay.

I hope and pray that peace will reign
around our table with no pain
or misinterpretation.
Holidays can be so tough.

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Smooth Brew (Monday Morning Poetry Challenge)

From the blog RezichFamilyKitchen.

Smooth Brew

Each morning when I awake

before I uncap my toothpaste

or taste my first cornflake

I wait around for the sound

of the first perk

as you begin to work

Like clockwork

crystal clear water

bubbles and drizzles

through the contour of your reservoir

and into the mound of dark grounds

which turns the water brown

as it runs down into your glass carafe

Alas your work is done

Now I will pour a cup or more

eager to savor your smooth brew

which is sure to renew

and soothe

a very sleepy me


This poem was written by and is the exclusive work and property of N. Rezich

Part of the Monday Morning Writing Challenge


Right Here Waiting For You


Honey I understand the things you say,

Even though it makes me sad.

We sat and had a talk that day,

I gave you everything I had,

 Just to prove my love to you.

Even if you’re so far away,

Will wait you till eternity.

Can’t wait to build my dreams around you,

right here waiting for you…

Being with you for a while,

 gives happiness inside ,

Know that I am glad,

that our paths collide.

Taste of your kiss , touch of your skin,

It makes my life so gleam.

I will continue to love you

 and keep our memories within.

Can’t wait to build my dreams around you,

 right here waiting for you…


love_unforgiven Too Late

Too late

Somewhere only we know (Film)

Somewhere only we know (Film) (Photo credit: hafecheese)

love_unforgivenwrote in poetssociety


I tripped over the words
That might have saved us
I took way too much
Knowing it would hurt us
I hit the bottle hard
Without a second glance
I just knew you lied
Without giving you a chance
I made all the mistakes
When I could have changed
I left when I shouldn’t
And you have rearranged
I tried to take it back
But I was way too late
I need you now
But that’s not our fate

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(no subject) love_unforgivenwrote in poetssociety

love_unforgivenwrote in poetssociety

Glare (Photo credit: kevin dooley)

My heart might be a little overexposed
And I might have added to the drama
Your like a Norman in the dead of night
Glaring bright through your halo
Sometimes, I dream of reconciliation
When I wake, I’m instantly concerned
The only fear I have is of loosing you
Not to anyone other than myself
Somedays, it seems like your just glass glare
And you know I’m no good at imperfection
Other times, you’re a little too perfect
But, of course, that’s my opinion
I seem to be getting much, much better
At picking out your insignificant flaws
Not because I need you to know
I do it for personal realization
Sometimes, it seems like we are trapped
Inside the canvas hanging on the wall
Stuck pretending like we were then
When you could actually be you
I guess lessons are learned eventually
It might take you and I forever
We will have to compromise somewhere
Though I’m sure you are not capable
Let me snap this last shot just to see
A fake smile, you’re hurting eyes
That’s exactly what I need to see
Through the lens of this camera.


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Clive meets cleo

Clive was wondering ,

happily  and springing .

Cleo was resting ,

laying back and singing .

Now Cleo it seemed ,

So pretty she gleamed .

She wasn’t a star ,

couldn’t play guitar .

Clive the cat ,

in the bushes he sat.

listening to Cleo’s voice ,

reminded of angels rejoice

they’re eyes finally met

In love you can bet

They walked off hand in hand……

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pleasing spirits

Blue Spirits

Blue Spirits (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

sights Iv’e seen I see again

coincidences carried me

over taken by anxious moments

I search for the door

scanning for light , forgetting

scrambling for sanity I reverse time

thinking clouded by dreams gone bad

struggling for future in real life

spirits showing the road

pleasing spirits

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IMStevenTruong Weekly Challenge

IMStevenTruong says:

Hey my first time here! Definitely sounds like a great idea and I’ll be sure to participate in the future. My entry is titled “Underneath The Old Oak Tree.” Just to note that it’s a work of fiction.

Sitting quietly,
Enjoying the gentle summer rays.
Long black hair framing a petite face.
Hidden underneath a delicate straw hat.
A fitted sundress patterned with yellow and white ruffles.
picking up the wind so quietly every now and then.
The majesty of nature surrounds us.
It’s warm embrace calms us deep down to our very souls.
The leaves flutter around us softly.
Blown about by the cool afternoon breeze.
Whispering secrets delicately as it runs to and fro.
As the birds sing proudly and waddle about.
A wave of melancholy hits me in the gut.
As i gaze upon my mother.
Dressed in the pale blue robe given to her.
Hey beauty now ravaged by the war she fights internally.
her spirit a shadow of what it used to be,
What it should rightfully be.
Her eyes burn brightly.
Not willing to give up.
But I’m just not so sure.
Tears well in my eyes.
As i remember my mother,
I long to be home.
back to better times,
Sitting underneath the old oak tree.


Thanks my blog is here: http://imsteventruong.wordpress.com/
Steven Truong


The man in the window


Hand in Hand

Hand in hand we learn real young

Hand in hand our arms we swung

Hand in hand we scrubbed our knees

Hand in Hand we ran from bee’s

Hand in Hand our love was true

Hand in hand we always knew

Hand in hand we fought our fights

Hand in hand were scared some nights

Now we’re grown , and still we see

Hand in hand we’ll always be….

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If you could be …..Maggie’s challenge….?

   First of all …Maggie wow what a great Idea…! What light would I be , thought about this for some time . The light I want to be is the shine of the young girls eye the minute she receives that first kiss , The glimmer when she finds out she’s pregnant . The glow when that little boy gets what he wants for Christmas . The sparkle when dad watches his kids in their first soccer game . It’s the small things in life we all need to get back in touch with . That light is the finest thing I know !!


The Unknown

the light was seeping , I seen the road

it was covered , eyes tried to decode

brain started thinking, what could it be

the panic was there , it engulfed me

Mind started racing, then it got worse

worry set in , would i need to traverse

I want nothing but to turn around

no I wont , I wont back down

walking so slowly , continuing ahead

my body felt sharply, nothing but dread

soon as I thought , lights finally shown

day after day feels like the unknown



For sweet howanxious

Why lives on top of a mountain
in a little shack made of applewood
and oak.  She braids hyacinth in her hair.

She doesn’t cry when the weather is harsh,
oh, no, she waits inside, makes tea for When,
and reads Dickinson until it passes.

And if the creek is dry she walks
down the hill, says hello to her neighbor
Who, pats his dog, and then keeps going.

Hope, the thing with feathers
sings in the trees.
Tomorrow is always better.
The world is always more.


A summers night we will never forget…..part two

        As we were waiting ( I think impatiently ) for the others to arrive , we watched the sun going down and all the other people leaving . It was finally dark we had a small fire burning for light , we also  had set up a couple of tents as we had planned to spend the night .  The night was as good as they came in 1978 , warm and the sky was filled with stars ,being out in the country where there wasn’t much for lighting at night , it seemed you could reach up and touch the stars . The wind was blowing just enough to keep the bugs away . The moon danced on the water as the branches in the trees overhead blew lazily in the breeze. The moon lit the outside just enough to see , as it looked almost to make things glow.

       Earlier in the day , while we were riding around town on our bikes we had spoken with a few girls and had made plans for the night . I hadn’t spoken with Mary , however I did speak to her best friend and she was going to bring her along. My friends had spoken with their girlfriends and it seemed they were all coming as well . We also had to come up with some tents for our gang to sleep in . Mike , I and the rest of our clan had backpacks full of fishing gear , tents , things to drink and a little food . We had planned on staying at the wayside for a couple of days as long as the weather would hold out .

       A few of us had walked up the creek a small bit to  see if we could catch a few fish . I loved to catch fresh water perch , they were plentiful in northern New York and easy to clean .  We were having pretty good luck in a short amount of time as we had caught five nice sized fish already . We were ogling our recent catch when we all saw the headlights in the distance , It had to be them  . My heart started to race a little as I pictured Mary in my mind , she was so beautiful in my eyes .

           TO BE CONTINUED


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