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A ‘Super’ Welcome

Well this is my first post on 20 Lines a Day.  I predominantly write poetry on my personal blog, so I thought that I would use 20 Lines to inspire me towards my creative writing purposes, and I also noted that there are few short stories told on here.  I am in the process of writing a fantasy story, although procrastination is probably a better description of my writing at the moment.  So I thought I would share with you a little about myself today in about 20 lines, a true story about myself from a ‘few’ years back …

The day was warm, and the sun shone brightly.  The clouds hid from my eyes, it was another beautiful summer day in our nation’s capital, Canberra.  The brightness of the day was not only because of the weather, for today was one of my best friend’s 21st birthday party, Jordan.  I had spent the summer in the Australian Alps, far from friends and family.  Busy working towards my future and understanding the real world from my studies.  I had not seen many of my friends over the summer, except for a brief visit from Jordy and a few others when we had spent a warm day in the Alp’s sunshine and indulged in the cool waters of a farmer’s water hole.

For the party I was joining Jordy’s girlfriend, Kelly, in dressing up in complementary costumes for the party.  I was already partly dressed in my blue tights and raising the S of the Superman costume upon my chest.  Fully dressed in the outfit of Superman I was then joined by Supergirl.  Kelly looked a damn sight better than me in tights.  We had planned this many weeks ago, with the irony being that the party had no theme and was not a fancy dress.  We were to be the only two in costume at the party, as our friend Jordy was the usual one to be a little outrageous.  So it was only fitting that we provided the flair and entertainment for his party.

Together we traveled to Jordan’s house, looking very ‘super’ in our outfits.  We knocked on the door to be greeted by Jordan’s mother, who was surprised to see us dressed up.  Although not really shocked that we had done something different.  Jordy then walked into the room and saw us.  He laughed, his hands went to his mouth as he burst with laughter.  “I love it, you guys look awesome.  I don’t know what to say … I am speechless.”  Laughter was contagious and we couldn’t help but laugh with Jordy.  Without any gift we already have given him the best present he would receive tonight.  Memories, laughter and friendship.

The night had many memories, and laughter was had by all.  Many times at our expense, but I am not one to take myself too serious.  The joy of making others happy was worth the cost of being the source of their laughter, including the bouncers I let “throw” Superman out of the club.  Although I did discover a major flaw with Superman’s outfit, other than drunks wanting me to “rescue” their friends from the police.  As during the night of celebrations, and journeying out to the town my wallet and Kelly’s purse were stolen because Superman, although as fast as a speeding bullet, had in his oversight forgotten to sew a pocket into his outfit.


Birthday Wish

It’s the lonely old man’s birthday.

He remembers his 10th birthday, 60 years ago, when he celebrated it with friends, parents, and boxes of water guns.

He remembers his 30th birthday, 40 years ago, when he celebrated it with partners, mistresses and wads of cash.

He remembers his 50th birthday, 20 years ago, when he celebrated it with children, grandchildren and bottles of champagne.

Today he celebrates his 70th birthday with a wooden table, a wooden chair, and four empty walls.

His mind is of anticipation. A wooden box, a wooden dais, a small white floral wreath.



c Sorrows in a Serenade


20 lines or less July 4th poetry , short story and Photo contest ….

Happy Independence day from 20 lines or less

Please enter your best poems , short story’s or picture’s of the day

Win this award to post on your blog

We hope all enter and join in the fun this challenge ends tomorrow night

All who can post please do so , those of you whom can’t , Please post to these comments and I will post for you …Thanks again for joining in the fun !!!!


Weekly Challenge week 2 results

20 lines weekly challenge

We had a stellar week , a lot of submissions and sharing . Thanks to all that contributed to the challenge .

The results are in for week 2

here are the runner ups ….

  1. Anne Sikes    coming in second for her poem Where Is That Woman ? she had 17 likes
  2. timzauto   for the short story Homesick at 10 , with 16 votes  and beebeesworld  for homeward Bound with 16 likes
  3. Lindy Lee and IMStevenTruong  come in with 13 likes each
  4. nutsfortresure  next with 12 likes
  5. Maggie  with her Recollections of Camp had 11 likes
  6. ndzied1 came in next with 8 likes
  7. Portia with her awesome poem Shambhala  with 7 likes

Now for the winner of the 20 lines weekly challenge week 2

The Laundry Maid

her entry was an awesome poem with 19 likes

I Leave Behind Me (Weekly Challenge)

I am the man you pass by near the Baron Fork Bridge.

Every morning at 7.

The one you can never look directly at.

This coat I wear has faded along with my auburn hair.

The smell of your aftershave reminds me of better times.

Before death and rape took what little was left of my mind.

My family, and my name

As my children look up to a better man than I could have ever been.

I am the mother who brings the man near the Baron Fork Bridge hot coffee, spare change and rolls each morning.

The coat he wears belonged to my father.

Before the War took what was left of him.

I can still hear his booming laugh in the living room.

While my sisters and I played dress up.

I love the way his eyes crinkle up in the corners,

When he smiles and tells me his story.

On repeat.

Only he doesn’t know that we share the same one.


His yearning to be home quashes me.

I leave behind me my blood, and his booming laugh.

The living room I grew up in comforts me

While he eats alone in a cardboard box for one.

I am one firework displayed in Atlantic City.

By hands who could afford me.

Listen to me scream as I raise high above you, if for only a small moment.

I cast my colorful glare above you- my audience.

One short and expensive moment of glory.

I leave behind me waves of dirty smoke in the blackest of skies.

As what was once my audience looks on to a better firework than I could have ever been.

Also with 20 likes was Clive the Cat

Clive the cats homesick entry (weekly challenge)

Posted on July 1, 2012 by 

the night slow and silent

storm loud and violent

Clive was hidden under a car

in the distance he stared at a star

Cleo he knew was pacing at home

worried of late maybe she’d roam

Clive and Cleo shared the same heart

in love they were  , couldn’t pull them apart

Clive couldn’t stand being caught in the storm

homesick he was , as he tried to stay warm

he called out for Cleo , but had no return

not to travel far away , soon he would learn

Thanks to all that submitted work this week , and to the blogs who vote , follow and share with us day-to-day . We hope to see you all in the next challenge .


20 lines or less weekly challenge

20 lines or less weekly challenge

The 20 line’s or less weekly challenge 

 Wednesday running til Sunday night 

 20 lines or less is  starting a weekly challenge . Every week we will have a different subject for our challenge , it will be posted at or around 12:00 pm Tuesday prior .

The winner of our challenge will win our weekly challenge marker above and be able to post on their blog proudly to show all . For all of us at 20 lines please post directly to this blog , for those of you that can’t please post to the comments below and I will post to our blog . The most likes wins , we tally voting Tues evening at 6 pm …all times eastern time zones .

Submit any form of poetry you would like , short stories will be kept to 250 words or less, also a photo will do if it describes our subject , please keep photos to an average size .

Please follow 20 lines or less to keep up to date on all challenges and updates !!!

We encourage all who visit our blog to enter , we as well encourage all to share on your blogs , tell your friends . We can all enjoy writing and reading each others poems , short stories , as well as voting on them .

This week our subject is

A time you felt homesick


Weekly Challenge

Short note .. please everyone submit your work for our weekly challenge , Topic is a time you felt homesick …Thanks ..lets see what ya got

Remember please like , comment and share ..!!!

Our own The Laundry Maid  is  currently in the lead …



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Weekly Challenge

Thanks for making the first weekly challenge a big success ….voting is open until Tuesday at 6pm eastern time …when our winner will be announced , and next weeks challenge will be revealed . Again thanks for all the poems they are all fantastic…

20 lines or less


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