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A Hat Made of Hay

Highland Cattle

A Hat Made of Hay



I was still hurting bad from tackling the Willow

I had to push through the pain

All I had to do was take it slow

I had everything really to gain


So I awoke from a horrible night

Made myself ready for the day

Keeping my future health in sight

I headed off to do gentle Yoga just before midday


I still needed some downtime

I needed to just be alone

So I took this drive and made the climb

Just around the bend I saw HER though she was not alone


Silly Poem really just wanted to share Her with You as she made me take the time to just smile as I took her photo through the passenger side window.  I guess I have a thing for their beauty.  They are so much a part of the landscape of New England

Thanks for checking out my BLOG




That is how it is with me

Hundreds of arms around me trying to get free

from this material body,

they symbolize the thoughts I have swarmed

within me fearing that I would lose them

in case I set them free.

I can’t set them free, they are symbolic

because I say so and I know and

if these symbolic hands go away

symbolizing my thoughts

where would I be but here

grieving their departure

longing for the pain they cause me.

I make no sense as usual but as I always say

that is how it is with me.

I have ruined what I started to write

by symbolizing my thoughts with me.

Oh but I didn’t do that, they are being symbolized by

those hundreds of hands,

how could I forget but as I always say

that is how it is with me.


I’m Happy!

I’m just so overwhelmed from the time when my phone started ringing at 12 midnight. I am really happy for some of my acquaintances(I really don’t have any friend in particular) wished me, I never expected this from them. I’m happy.

Well, its my Birthday… 20th May…

Oh.. btw I’m 17 now- just three more years and I will get rid of you- teenage… :D


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