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Lyrica, You Deceptive Wench

Lyrica & Those Pesky Side Effects…Sometimes You are That 1.5% SwittersB

Lyrica worked well for my terrible pain. Worked so well. Oh, those side effects on that sheet in multiple languages and small print…sometimes you really should read them and remember them in the weeks ahead. 

While I was pain free, I was unaware that I said inappropriate remarks. I swore for no reason. I had no awareness I was doing any of that. I was driving, but could not remember having done so. I was irritable, short tempered. I was somewhat like I recall when I taking steroids in the 60’s.

Oh, my sleep was reduced down to one to two hours a night. I felt energized. No pain. No awareness. I recall heading into an important business meeting. I told two of my associates, that would be seated on either side, to kick my ankles if I started talking too fast, repeating myself or saying anything inappropriate. I told them to interrupt and commandeer the conversation to spare me any embarrassment.

In the end, I didn’t take a misstep, but both of my associates remarked…’now that you mention it…you have said some odd things lately’.

Begrudgingly, I went off the Lyrica. I went off slowly but that didn’t matter. I became depressed, despondent. The pain came roaring back worse than before. And, some 18 months later, I cannot sleep more than a few hours a night. Read those warning signs. Have family or friends read them also. You may not know you are a different person. 

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added misery…

when the pressure of the day pushes down

the pill they give will take away the frown

complain about no sleep  and days to close

I also have that , it’s just a small dose

waking up now has changed,  it’s such a chore

tablet form this time , it’s just one more

vitamins I have cause the things I eat

daily recommended amounts, they do not meet

can’t remember if I took my zinc

let me sit down and try to think

I’m taking so many , hard to keep track

I just want my life the easy living back





Depression – A Lack of Faith or A Disease? You Decide

I know it has been a while since I posted here, but it isn’t because I’d forgotten about it or that I was blowing you guys off. In a nutshell, it has been because I’ve been struggling with a bout of depression, and getting just one article out for my main site was a really hard thing to do, and getting two out was near impossible.

Lots of Christians seem to find the subject of depression uncomfortable, largely due to the fact that they see it as merely an emotion that people have when they aren’t living by faith.  Anyone struggling with it will tell you, the emotion part is just a symptom of the disease. The heart of it goes to the physical misfiring in the brain and can no more be controlled than a broken arm or having a heart attack.

I used to just go to bed for a few days, sleeping away the tears and sadness, and while I did stay in bed more than I usually do, I didn’t sleep. Damn insomnia.. :) But, I made myself write once a day, and I think because of that, the episode didn’t last as long as it usually does.

Anyways, sorry I neglected you guys. Hope you will forgive me.




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