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Trying Rispetto

Sitting within the deep waters of the sea,

I can see you degrading, getting caught in

time, understanding which ain’t my cup of tea,

I know you want to get rid of your past sin.

You wait for someone to come, pay no pity

but that being must treat you with that dignity-

respect you long for, I know you do want bliss,

Oh the mighty city of the Atlantis.



1. Poem is comprised of 8 eleven-syllable lines, usually one stanza.

2. General rhyme scheme- ababccdd


Another person in me…

There lives another person in me,

That makes me not do what I ought to do.

I want to kill it,

But I adore it.

There lives another person in me,

Who is cruel but still a part of me.


I’m truly tired of myself, because, that another person is real- who is thriving, who is very much a part of me. It is not possible on my part to control this person which is bringing another aspect to my persona, to my entire life. I’m just tired- so tired! I want respite… I want some space which would end all of this. Sometimes, I just want to cry out loud, grieving for someone to just end it all whether it would mean ending this life… No! I want to live… I know the importance of life… how precious life is. No one can change that, not even this another part of me. Still, I’m tired… I don’t have anyone to ask for help. I’m alone, I think I aspire to be alone as well but I’m tired to be alone. This is just so typical, nothing can change even a little bit of what I’m feeling… I feel.

Who is there for me?

Who will take away the agony I feel

Who will bring an end to this pain

Who is there to put a full stop to my vain desires

I am here by myself

Waiting for that being to turn up

To bring what I need the most

Love, Trust, Faith, Transparency, Rationality

And above all, my shadow which I have lost

Fighting myself, defeating my core

Who is there to raise me up?

Who is there to make me feel like me?

No one, Anyone? No one is there

I sob, I cry, I groan in pain

With a futile strain.


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