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Pat’s Challenge Of Concise Writing

I remember the days, though faintly, I remember the voice, soothing, of my mother singing to me, the lullaby to make me fall asleep. Being the youngest one and the last one to join the family, I was the star of everyone’s eyes. I don’t remember so clearly, but I see through my inner-eyes the scene of my mother cradling me in her arms or walking with me holding my hands, singing the lullaby to me. It was always about something to cheer me up to grow and be successful. I know them all by heart which have been told to me time and again by my family. Now I remember the time when I was 11 or 12, a no-longer child pleading my sister to sing the same lullaby to me so that I could feel that time how I must have felt when I was a small child.                      (150 words)


I remember faintly the days of my childhood when I would fall asleep by the sweet lullaby, about something to cheer me up to grow and be successful, being sung to me by mother. Being the youngest one in the family, I was a star in myself. I remember the lullaby by heart. I also remember the time when I was 12 asking my sister to sing the lullaby to me so that I can cherish the feeling I had once experienced.            (82 words)


I remember my childhood and my 12th year listening to the lullaby, the latter one for getting childhood experience again.                                (20 words)


Sun — Where Have You Been?

I’ve been waiting in the cold

dark, forever, it seems, at least

to feel your warm hand upon my body.

Unbury me from this hovel of dampness

that infects my bones, my joints.

I need your electric balm to invigorate

my mind, my soul.

This gray shadow has cast its’ net

too long, too far.

It has swallowed

too much of this earth

causing a great bulge

in yesterday’s news.

One – sided blues

that propagates itself

over the tops of its citizen’s moods

clamping down hard with its monotonous recital.

Sun! Unleash your soothing rays

for we cannot wait

patience has seen its overdue days.

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