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Satisfy-the “S” Word


Soothing, soft, snugly, swaddling, shapely, sacred, secure, sensitive, self-assured, September, safety, sale, sauce, seduce, shopping ,shower, sixteen, sleep, snow, snowflakes, social, snug, snuggle, sorbet,

spacious, space, spaghetti, spice, spirit, special, spotless, star, satisfy

Listen (Part 2) – Poetry

Listen to the morning birds with their wake up song

Listen to the footsteps in the house where you belong

Listen to the new borns as they utter their first sounds

Listen to the children’s laughter ringing through playgrounds


Listen to the anger in the voices in a fight

Listen to thunder as it cracks on stormy nights

Listen to the people having conversations nearby

Listen to the whirring fans on ceilings way up high


Listen to the sounds of hooves galloping on the ground

Listen to the lost shelter pups crying to be found

Listen to man as whistles out his tune

Listen to the clink and clunk of your knife and spoon


Listen to the waterfalls that flow from rocks above

Listen to the cooing of the snow released white dove

Listen to the whispers of children out at play

Listen to the elderly and what they have to say


Listen to the waves as they tumble to the shore

Listen to the high heel shoes step across the floor

Listen to the pelting rain upon an iron shed

Listen to the winds blow strong when your warm in bed


Listen to the band you love sing your favourite song

Listen to the keyboard click when your typing all day long

Listen to the crackling of wood burning in the fires

Listen to the breath inhaled and listen when it expires


Listen to your heart beat strong beneath your chest

Listen to when someone speaks, that their life is in a mess

Listen to the child that says that they feel pain

Listen to the teenager who wants to come home again


Listen to the bubbles in an effervescent drink

Listen to the water drip into the kitchen sink

Listen to the kittens as they softly purr

Listen to the shoes of a flamenco dancer


Listen to the one you love when they have something to say

Listen to the friends you have and laugh with them each day

Listen to the abused animals who haven’t got a voice

Listen to the sadness of others so that one day they may rejoice



Listening… A simple thing we take for granted.. sometimes we hear but do we always listen

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On the Platform

“Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…”

On the platform,

The CTA platform

“Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…”

And it was the north/south line

And it was the Chicago Avenue Station

“Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…”

And as she talked,

All listened,

“Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…”

And as she sang,

A few drunks laughed,

“Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…”

(and everyone pretended

she wasn’t even there)

“Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…”

And with the rolling of the trains

“Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…”

All sounds turn

into a dull rumble


Dreadful Agony

The sound of a dreadful agony arose from the dark street

across from where the noble folk of the town live

No one paid any attention at that shrill sound of misery

People carried on living their life, engaged in their work

The rattle of that dreadful agony was heard only once

It never reverberated, it never arose again

The street from where it first breezed in remain quiet

out of the bounds of the noble folk of the town.

The Little Girl Is Now Woken Up

A sweet rippling sound echoing through the confined walls of the room, a girl wakes up due to the resulting disturbance from the sleep she was subjected to, the sleep- an escape from her pain, an escape to the realm of the dreams but now she is forcefully brought back to the realities of life. She is being forcefully woken up by the disturbance as a result of the rippling sound, though sweet, but a lot more agonising for the girl- whose name is unknown- no one knows who she is. She was just found in the corner of a street, her hair ruffled, her dried tears glistening under the bright sun. She is the girl no one knows anything about and thereby seen as a threat, she was confined to further tortures of life even when her earlier tortures are not known- she is facing the ordeal of getting confined, becoming a prisoner where she is given ample food and water but no freedom. This is her staying place where she lives but dies every moment; the air being lacking in the joys and pleasures she would have otherwise wanted. The little girl is now woken up by the disturbance- she is now again prone to the tortures, subjected to the pain- she now considers the way of her life. The little girl is woken up, the echo- the disturbance of the rippling sound, is now gone- disappeared in the air. The little girl is now woken up.


Weekly Writing Challenge by Tim! Here is My Entry…

There has been an urge in me to camp in the wilderness,

Hear the animal sounds, growls of the trees,

Never did I experience it but the dream sustains its place,

I would one day definitely want to camp,

In the wilderness and hear with my open ears,

The sound of the wild, the growl of the unknown,

And face the moon light in the open; shine in its presence,

Discard everything else and be wild in the wilderness.


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