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Would You?

If you were to reach up and grab a star

what would that wish be?


If you were to hug a tree and dream of it’s beginnings

what would you see?


If you were to grab hold of a rainbow

would you think it’s colours majestic?


If you were to gaze into a beggars eyes

would you feel apathetic?


If you were to look upon yourself

would you see your inner brilliance?


If you were to tell the world who you are

would you expose your radiance?


Yes you would – you would wish for what you want the most for yourself or others

From earth to life – you would appreciate everything that is natural

Yes – The thoughts of the colourful life you have had

No you wouldn’t  – for you know not what life they have led

Are you undecided about just how brilliant you are?

Are you too humble to tell the world that yes indeed you shine?






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Song of the Star

Dear children,

I am the star –
No, not the enchanting, twinkling stars
In the dark night sky

Those, are for dreamers.

I am the star –
Glittering, alluring
The lamp to your future.

I am the brightest.

Come to me, dear children.
Into my world – your world – of A-Stars.

There are only stars, and the
Shooting star.

There are no rainbows here for you to chase,
No fruitless quests for that pot of gold.
those, are for dreamers.

Join me in my song,
The chant of many –
Star, star, star.
A perfect, melodious harmony
Trembling with desire. Perfection. Rings in our ears.

Come to me, dear children.

I am the star that you need.

Not the twinkling stars in the night sky –
They are blind and dull.
Are for dreamers.



Wish –

I wish I could sing you the songs of the seasons.
The flaming warm summer, the lively spring.
The coppery transformation of autumn, the silver cool of winter.

I wish I could tell you stories of life and death
The birth of a winged dream,
The sorrows in a serenade.

I wish I can lie beside you.

I wish I could paint you a picture of a morning walk
In the forest where oak trees guard
By the river where the weeping willows bow

I wish I could capture the rays of the sun
A gift threading our memories
An effervescence forever.

I wish I can lie beside you.

I wish I could hum the flowing notes of a nightingale
A lullaby to accompany your dreams
A serenade that melts your heart

I wish I could collect the first drops of dew
To celebrate a fresh. Beginning.
To. Be bound to you. Forever.

I wish upon the stars, upon the bright moon,
I wish upon the fiery sun, upon the light breeze,
I wish upon the rainbow, upon the fluffy clouds,
I wish upon the awakening of buds and the rain showers

I wish I can lie beside you.
Your warmth by mine,
not buried ten feet underground.

that’s the place where dreams die.
Where souls rest.

That’s the place where I want to go.

I plunge a knife a feet into my heart.
I plunge my soul ten feet underground,

I wish I can lie beside you.
I can.





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