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New Writing Challenge


Here forth, I bring a new writing challenge. It is a very simple, yet a difficult challenge. There are certain steps you need to follow for this challenge. Well, I am writing the whole procedure step by step- so please read a particular step and then complete it before going on for reading the next step. I can’t force you to accept it but I must tell- it is great fun.

Step I- Take out your favorite book. Bring it up to your laptop/PC.

Step II- Open a random page of the book, any page.

Step III- Give a quick glance over the page and read loudly the first phrase/word/line you catch.

Step IV- Repeat that particular phrase/word/line in your mind. Think about it deeply.

Step V- Write a poem or any other writing piece. The title for the poem or the theme of your poem/writing piece is going to be that particular phrase/word/line.

I hope you will have fun participating in this challenge. I did follow the same steps while writing one of my posts here on 20 lines- The Lone Walker.


HA :-)


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