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One Special Poem

Prolific, he wrote poems, published books,
ideas flowed like waterfalls, not brooks.
My father wrote of nature, music, art,
most in poetic form, sharp as a dart.

He chose his words with utmost care to tell
the stories stirring in his head, to spell
ideas with suspense and tension. Four
weeks after he had died I found some more

of his fine poems. One, though, brought my tears.
Its subject? Me as little girl. He’d not
shared it. I wondered why. Emotion shot
through me. I read this poem. My dad nears.

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Cinquain Challenge

Pine trees
reach arms to sky,
hoping for sun cover.
Today, gray clouds threaten with snow.
No. No.

lift, play music,
polishing the dusty
haze upon a saddened mood. I
thank them.

stones along the
shore speak stories to me,
share an ancient tradition. I

Treeless Christmas

No Christmas tree adorned our living room
this year. Our children traveled. So did we.
A few small decorations blessed the bloom
of Christmas in our home. We couldn’t see

the ornaments and tell the stories one
more time of how they came to be, but light
from glowing candles gave us indoor sun
and made the season merry, lovely, bright.


JT’s Adventures ……part one

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

JT Close-up

Well by now most of you know our JT (Jess-Tex) at least in photos.  She is our Border Collie and no we do not have a farm.

I have shared my life with fourteen dogs five of which were part of a litter that went on to new homes where they were adored family members.

This dog above was born at a friend’s home,  the male  her father was from Texas and they drove from Vermont to pick him up.  JT’s mother was a dog that was dropped off at their place in Vermont.  Gorgeous lighter Gray with white.  She was scared who knows the kind of life had she lead.

JT was like the runt with a not so perfect face marking and it was just her sister and her no one had chosen to be theirs.

Now I wanted no more dogs but here were the two prettiest…

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I have always related to stones, thought that somehow, in the kingdom of things, they speak a language. Listen. Listen hard. You’ll hear the water burble over them, the children’s laughter as they toss them here or there.

And look. See those colors, shapes, the veins? What stories might they tell? Where have they been and what might they have housed? How old are they?

Along the beach I pick up little stones, and big ones too, you know, those angular stones, gray usually, with holes and bumps, which I think are bruises from their journeys.

Kind of like us….we have holes in us, sometimes in our hearts, and bruises? Oh, for sure. Where are your bruises? I know where mine are. A stone is hard, yet water has given it a sheen, a coating, a shine on rainy days. When sun beams down upon a stone it seems to smile.

Me too. Hard. Yep, there are places that haven’t been softened yet, but I know that the “sun and water” of my life will touch and change them.

Pick up a stone. Imagine the conversation.


Coming Soon


Fall is on it’s way

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:


The nights are getting cooler, finally.

Fall  is near,  I can smell it in the air.

Soon the trees will be decked out in their glorious colors.

I know it isn’t fair for me to go on and on about how pretty they will be.

Some of you will never get to see this beauty for yourselves, so I will be on

a mission to catch some pretty moments and to share them with you as well


Just old photos from a Fall past, to get you ready for the change of seasons.

For us who actually get to enjoy four, well me three ,I hate winter but unless I

run away you will surely see SNOW photos as well


Stay Tuned!

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The Cabin

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Wagon wheel is a nice touch not sure where it comes into play though.

Maine is where this cabin sits, out along the road for everyone to see.

The man who owns this property also has some trains out on the lawn too.

There is a huge house here as well and he will charge you to come inside to have a look around.


I found this cabin not where you would think, it sits out on the lawn now.

As I got closer I  could see the dirty curtains hanging in disarray.

See the trim?  I am old enough to remember Pom Pom trim, as Mom sewed her own and used this too.

I must say it was NEVER my look.  Mom on the other hand seemed to like using it.


No rhyme nor reason  when you see the things he gathers and places on display.

Some see it…

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