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Our Grandchildren the Athletes

Floor hockey, soccer, basketball, the sports
of winter now begin. We watch our young
ones play. They’ve won some games, they have been stung,
but we, on bleachers, cheer them as on courts

or fields they run, throw, pass, or make a goal.
On Sunday afternoons two hockey games
occur, the Blackhawks and the Sharks. Call roll
to make sure the whole team is there. The names

include our dear ones. In their uniforms,
new cleats upon their feet, equipment packed,
they march into their games. The fan base swarms.
We hope for points that grow, become so stacked

they’ll lead into a win. If not, though, teams
end games by shaking hands, good sports. We cheer
this sportsmanship, their fun, and burst our seams
with pride. Here’s to another sporting year.

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The Weekend (Timzauto’s 20 Lines Weekend Challenge)

The weekend now is lurking, just beyond this one last day

The week that’s just now ending, it has flown

Saturday and Sunday, they will come and go away

Whatever we bring to them, etched in stone.


As children I remember that the weekends were such fun

For grownups that is often still the case

Family time and shopping, or a movie or the beach

Frowns disappear, for smiles to replace


I’m thankful for my granddaughter to spend the weekends with

She makes the smiles more numerous, you know.

We both love church on Sunday, it’s the highlight of our week

To fellowship, and in the Lord to grow


And when it all is over and on Monday we wake up

It’s off to school, the first day of the year

Grace is now a fifth grader, it’s so hard to believe

Her eleventh birthday’s drawing near.


And once again the cycle of a new week will begin

We go to work and school and muddle through

Thankful, cause we know another weekend’s on its way

And life is what we make it…me and you.


Cathedrals, Storefronts & Tabernacles

This was the second post I wrote in my  Poem A Day Writing Challenge, you can read all the poems to date and futures entries at my blog Wholeness4Love.

Sunday in Harlem. The streets are full as we bustle to get to temples built by man. Pimps hustle a gospel of greed and sacrifice(to their dreams). Prophets preaching truth & justice go unheeded by the masses. A cathedral is built by money, a storefront is built by courage but a tabernacle is built by the hammering of silence to house your inner spirit and you are its’ only architect.


Tuesday for me

Monday, Tuesday... Laissez-moi danser

Monday, Tuesday… Laissez-moi danser (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tuesday a day like it’s own

it feels kinda like Monday

just a bit  better by midday

always a strong workday

still a long wait til payday.

never a worry of Friday

for Wednesday is hump day

very similar to Thursday

just further away from Sunday

all weeks are filled with great days

but my favorite I think is tuesday


A time you were homesick … (2o lines or less weekly challenge)

Everyone remember to submit your work for the weekly challenge , you have til Sunday night . Please tell all who visit your blogs this weeks prize is the marker below . Anybody may enter , just submit your work to the comments here or on the other weekly challenge post . We look forward to all entries Thank you for likes , comments and shares …


One summer in wonderland….part 2

Margie (song)

Margie (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Margie and her family were always going to church , sometimes three times a week . Tom was in church on Sunday morning , when his  mom forced him to get  up in the morning and got him there . Tom also being a ” rough neck ” in that era , Margie’s father never really approved of him . In Margie’s eye’s Tom was a beautiful sight , she would take  him in with every breath . Her eye’s lit up whenever he was in sight , with thoughts wandering of the two of them together .

June was upon the small village’s in this northern New England haven . Summer beginning to start had everyone excited of warmer weather , and lazy days . Margie was thinking of ways to put herself in Tom’s view , coming up with several ideas . She finally acted on the most daring of all , to have herself transferred into the 7th period study hall . Tom was in this class , being a year behind him this was the only class they would ever share . Tom was also graduating in 21 days , Margie was running out of time .

Tom was very shy , he also liked Margie more than any girl he had met . Most of his friends had girlfriends , he just never seemed to take the chance and ask any girls to go out with him .

It was a Wednesday , seventh period study hall in walked Margie . She looked at Tom and asked ” is there anyone sitting here ” pointing to the chair next to him at the table where he sat .

TO BE CONTINUED …Please like , comment and share ..Thanks ..timzauto


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