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A Stormy Night With You

As I listen to the rain spattering against my cabin’s window,
I think of that night when we were stranded here.
The roads were washed out and the creek overflowing,
but I was in your arms , safe, warm, a long-awaited dream.

I saw the lights blink on the alarm clock, the bang on the transmitter.
I smiled, we were alone, you and I , no one would check on us.
I tugged on grandma’s quilt and you tugged back-asleep.
I listened to the sweet sound of your breath, soft, even.

When I awoke, stars glimmered in the window, the clock was flashing.
Darkness still surrounded me, along with your strong, hard arms.
I wanted this night to last forever, the moon seemed satisfied with just a peek at us.
You and I, finally in a place where life brought a freshness-alone, together.


Of sunsets and swings – a sestina

The subtle glimmers of first light
Begin their charming
Magic on the green grass where swings Lie
The ancient encasement dropped
And burdened swings slowly bow
Then rise

Yet the swing with its rose
It couldnt outmatch the light
Slashing through the trees’ bow
No soul could it charm
For even as rain drops
The lifeless swings lay.

The lifeless swings lie
To themselves, they cannot beat the sunrise
Nor the golden sunrays dripping
From the sky. The swings’ own Light -
Merely a glint of a bracelet charm
Flashing just as an arrow leaves a bow

The swings threaten to bow
For it tells itself, lie, lie, lie -
As no charm
Could get the swing to rise
Like a new arising light

I hear a leaky tap – drip
The tears of the swings. It bows
Down to demands of the light
And resolves itself to lie
Forever. With a dead rose
The swing has lost his charm

But when night comes, the swing is charming
For when the curtains of light drop
The darkness unfolds. Then swings’ glow rises
Its now that it takes its final bow
The swing creeps into where shadows of the night lie
It has found its Light.

No more charming the day, for the bowl
Of sorrow is too great too drop – the sun does not lie.
Night, the swing rises. The night, the swing lights.

Blinding Sun

We all know you aren’t supposed to look straight on at the sun.  So for kicks I aimed my camera phone towards the sky, looked away and clicked a picture of the otherwise blinding and bright afternoon sun.   This was on my way to the bus stop near a building provides shade on the walk to the stop, so it’s not as though I was just wandering around outside in the summer for fun.

I thought it looked interesting, considering I wasn’t looking directly at my intended object.

My only other photos of the sun are sunsets, such as this pair of photos taken near San Diego Bay.


Last Light & Recollections

Perfect Moments in Time are never forgotten. Nothing diminishes the beauty of certain times in life when all seemed right with the world. The timing, the beauty, the tranquility combined to give a sense of peace that endures all manner of hardships and changes. One must take heart when looking at the beauty of the moment, the distant memory, and know it still soothes the mind. Life changes, but the memory can be carried in a special, safe place.


A Heavenly Part of Earth (20 Lines A Day Weekly Challenge)

The ocean amazes me

So vast, beautiful

What lies within is incredible

Another world, beautiful and dangerous

I’m frightened by the vastness

The uncertainty

Yet I am mesmerized.

I love to walk barefooted on the beach in the evening

To watch the sun go down

Disappearing slowly into the horizon

As if swallowed up by the sea.

To watch the waves shimmer in the moonlight

Listening to the rushing sound of the tide

As it washes back and forth over my toes

Is this a glimpse of heaven?

I don’t know

But it’s a heavenly part of earth.


(photo taken by my brother Steve, of my son Tommy, April 2004, Seaside, FL)


July 4th day challenge

people gathering in our yard

shaking hands , giving regards

grill is smoking , smelling good

Clive the cat  watching

from where he stood

games being played by

all the kids that could .

water being sprayed

not knowing it should

daylight slowly turns to dark

shooting fireworks , turning to sparks

another forth has come and gone

til next year another comes upon


Fleeting Moments (not an entry)

I didn’t take this photo, and am no way responsible for how awesome it is.  Well…except of course that it’s my son in the photo, and I guess I had a little something to do with how awesome he is.  I’m thinking about him and waiting to hear that he’s okay with all those storms through the DC and Virginia area where he is.  And this is definitely a good example of a fleeting moment…the sun was caught just before it went down and out of sight.  It’s one of my favorite pictures. The photo was taken by my brother in April of 2004, at Seaside, FL.


Clive the cat

Clive is a cat , he looked  like no other

He searched the world over , looking for mother

His coat was a wash , of gray and some white

When the moon glowed ,  he sure was a sight

He walk down the hill , to the pond so calm

Not a soul was found , especially his mom

He looked up with tears while god he did hear

Your moms up here , she didn’t disappear

He asked the great voice , as he started to walk

Can I see my mom , or can we just talk

The voice being slow was also real soft

As most of Clive’s wishes mostly were lost

grabbing and clawing scratching his chin

He replied to the voice as he started to grin

when I close my eyes and begin to dream

Thinking about our life, it will be supreme

God voice was bold as he said kinda loud

Clive I will tell you , your mother is proud


A New Day

A new day slowly  breaking the horizon

with shades of magenta and coral.

Mist covering the hollows of the field

leaving a soft wet blanket.

The gentle caress of a warm breeze

softly stroking my skin.

In the distance the sweet melody

of song sparrows.

A new day, a new blessing.


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Cape Cod

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

Now this is from my point of view.

Others will see  it differently but this is what a day in Provincetown, MA.  is for us.

This was during the winter, albeit a mild one.

This is the light house at the end of the “HOOK”

A Pier in P-Town

We hunt for treasure of ANY KIND. This was  a beautifully warm  January Day.

We meet people we once knew long ago or a stranger whom we will never forget.

We bring our girl JT for a nice ride and a few hours of chasing her frisbee, she hates

when I stop the action to snap a photo of her.

I love these places that have water beneath them when the tides are high.

When the  tides pull back out , it once again becomes a beach.

This one they let dogs play on .

For me all beaches should be free to come and…

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