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Sound of No Sound

Lost in thought, her mind
wanders to a younger day, when she
expertly walked the tightrope over joy and
pain, a misstep here and there, but
never completely losing herself in that
cauldron of self-awareness bubbling

Pain – it was not feared then, but
admired, on the weathered faces of
the elders, noting their wisdom and
grace, the simple way they brushed
her hair from her face, and kissed
her forehead, assuring her with their own
worry that there was none for her

But now she wonders where that
elder-wisdom has gone, and will it ever
find her, or if it’s even hers to long for,
the kiss of peace long ago washed from
her furrowed brow.

When did she stop trusting herself?
Was it the first time she rolled over in her
lover’s bed only to find he wasn’t there?
When she felt the sharp sensation of betrayal
from one she considered a friend?
When the sting of loss pierced her heart so
deeply she thought she would drown in the tears
she never cried?

In the stillness that is left she listens,
listens for anything that will convince her
she’s alive, and in that empty place, darkness
reverberates like a thousand universes swirling
around their suns, like the hum of angel wings,
like the breath of creation in her ears

Like all those who came before her
Like all who will ever come

The sound of no sound
bringing life, bringing light
resting in the goodness that rests
inside the stillness of her mind,
where she is whole

©SpiritLed 2014

With Tears

“Tears” by Jonathan McCallum


Tears pool, brim and flow onto hands that grasped liquid sweet moments.

Memories frozen into brilliant waterfall within.

Towards my soul’s canyon, your light pours in, revealing precious faces, kind eyes, little hands briefly held.

Traveling through childhood’s mist, middle life forest to foggy old age to reveal a distant eternal land.

With tears. Just seventy years?

Poem by Jonathan McCallum @peoplepoesia


Echoes of Tomorrow’s Past

In your tear-filled rage
of not deserving,
time and space
collide with the moon
in your heart,
guide, seek,
draw you to the edge,
invite you
to cast your sorrows,
your excuses,
into the Unknown,
nothing more than
echoes of tomorrows past

©SpiritLed 2014



Tears streaming down her face,

Her hands over her ears because the sound was too loud

Flinging herself on the bed

still cringing in disbelief

She can’t take it anymore

She’s tired of hearing people say,

You might as well take a whole  bottle of pills and kill yourself,

Your ungrateful like your mammy,

Look at me when I am talking to you

She is drowning

and everybody that she trusted turned out to be the wrong people

She’s hurt that words can’t describe the feelings in her chest that seems stuck.

Why did she even come home

If she knew this was a continuation

of where she left off at

she would have just stayed

and it wouldn’t have been about a bottle of pills

but someone’s hand of rage

that could have ended it all.


sad way


often in

or any






igniting its
p a i n f u l


i hold so near
the echo of
e a c h





…and regrets
and my searing
m e l a n c h o l y

if this
is the

of the


why such
a sad way to
…finally reach





y o u ?

We only hurt the ones we love
Why we don’t need a reason
Gonna get all that you deserve
And all that you believe in

Beth Orton


Christmas Past

Albums from my shelf stare at me-
Don’t take them down, my heart screams.
My hand reaches up, my soul wanting to see
the sweet face of my baby, the glimmer of the tree.
Presents piled high-touching the limbs.
Pictures of lots of kids, lots of different trees.
The tears I knew would come, fall down my cheek,
In a quiet house, my oldest  ones all grown,
Families of their own, their houses now with those
glimmering trees, those piles of presents.
And my baby, the baby from those days, gone.
I visit his grave, decorate it like a table in the den.
I cry there, with his younger brother with me.
Not even born when those pictures were made.
I made the cookies, wrapped a few gifts, got cards.
I went on the church outing, held my tears, my breath.
Christmas, it was so wonderful, hope, peace, love.
I knew better than to believe it would last for me.
I need to get a new album, this one is falling apart.
Like my life did. Tears fall as I replace it on the shelf.

I shall visit and lay fresh flowers down – Poetry of loss (Re-posted from ramblingsfromamum)

I kneel upon blades of grass that are crisp and cold upon my skin

I wrap my arms around me tight & quiver against the wind

I lift my head to the dark sky above & shut my eyes tightly

And draw in a breath which makes my body shiver slightly


The rain starts to fall & hits upon my cheek

I wipe the drops of cold & wet away

My brow rubbed with back of hand

I bend my head to pray


I know that you aren’t with me

But I see you in my dreams

I beseech that you are peaceful

But my life is not as it seems


You think after so long,that I am happy?

How can you possibly understand

You are the one who enriched my life 

Why can’t I hear your laughter or gently take your hand


I long to hear your voice once more

Or to share your laugh & smile

I want to share these tears that fall

To say me living is worthwhile


I shall visit & lay fresh flowers down

And shall talk & tell you of my day

And wish that you could answer me

I must pretend I can, let me have my way


So for now I lay fresh flowers down

And reverie of what would have been

And caress & tend your grave each day

Inhale deep, with eyes shut tight & dream


But wait I can see your beautiful smile I hear you speak my name 

I feel the ring you place upon my finger, a simple band of gold

To have & to hold from this day forward our love was ours to claim

To wed & live together young & then to die together old


But for now I lay fresh flowers down

Courtesy Google & marketplace.org



Transparent teardrop that trickles down thy cheek

followed by another,  if you could

what would you speak?


Transparent teardrop trickles down thy face

followed by another its path

it tries to trace


Could you tell me why you fall

upon skin so young and fair?

droplets of silent emotion

is there too much pain to bear?


Or perhaps that it is laughter

that brings you upon fair cheek

laughter welled from inside

it is from happiness you peek?


We can look upon the face for signs

as to the reason you have come

so transparent teardrop

are you here from a smile or a frown?


We cannot read you, we only see you flow

are you here from pain or joy

the answer we do not know





I called you this morning….

I called, but there was no one home. Left a message after the tone.

I waited for what seemed like hours then called again to your empty house,

repeated the message and called again. No one answered. Where was my friend?

I tried to eat, I tried to sleep and from the phone there was no peep.

They sit with me, but don’t understand; it’s not enough to hold my hand.

It’s not enough without you here. It’s not enough to shed a tear.

Tears are cheap and I have none for without you my life is done.

I’ve become an insomniac just waiting for you to come back.

It’s not your fault – I know you can’t, no matter how many times I chant,

no matter how many times I lift the phone and leave the message after the tone.

I do it now just to hear your voice. I do it now because I have no choice.


Spilled Tears

Spilled tears, never coming back-

Forget them, they will only hurt.

They are gone, rolling down your cheeks-

some of them evaporating in the process,

others falling down somewhere to oblivion

becoming the past.

Forget them, they will only hurt.

A Cascade Poem!

There is nothing one can do now

The seeds are now sown

The plants are grown

There is nothing one can do now.


Whether they were spoilt

or a little unyielding from the very start

The seeds are now sown.


Now the development has taken place

the result is in front of the eyes, see

the plants are grown.


Stop shedding these tears

You have to accept what has happened

There is nothing one can do now.

I will try to do better next time. Well, if you want to try it- here are the rules-

In cascade poems, the lines from the first stanza becomes the final lines of each stanza afterward.

For e.g.- The first line of the first stanza of this poem, I wrote, is the last line of the second stanza. The second line of the first stanza is the last line of the third stanza and the third line of the first stanza is the last line of the fourth stanza.


Digging deeper


I know you’re unhappy. I see your sad

face and wish there was something I could do

to lift your mood and show the world’s not bad

that in time all will be well, even you.

You’ve dug yourself an even bigger hole

and from its depths you can’t see any light.

I know you no longer have any goal

No energy, no hope and no more fight.

I feel your pain and taste your growing fears

that this is all there’s left for you right now,

that even as I mop your tidal tears

you’re planning how to leave with one last bow.

I pray that you will just stay by my side

till pain recedes and you no longer hide.



Last Goodbye

“my heart grieves” she says
and i ask
“why does your heart grieve?”
she answered
“because i know that the love
we used to share has died…it seems
all that’s left in its place is the memory
of how it used to be…a memory
of how it used to feel…”
and the only answer i could
give her was my silence
and a guilty stare into the space
past her…but then i took her hand in mine
and felt her fingers in between
the spaces of my own…it didn’t feel the same…
and i said
“indeed…the love we once shared
has died…buried beneath
painful memories and broken promises…”
she looked at me and i looked away
to hide the tears…and the silence
that followed became our last “goodbye”…


Foolish Tears

Foolish tears, now falling down

Get back up in there!  Hold your ground!

I hate to feel  you on my cheek

You make me feel so dumb and weak!

I cannot stand to cry you, tears

I’ve hated you for many years

My face is wet, and nose does run

I tell the truth…you are no fun!

Yet I must face you once again

You force yourself here now and then

So hurry up and have your way

But quickly now…then go away!


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