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Sea King

Massive wave hills were breaking further out than I had ever seen.
I told myself and my friend that I would stay close-by shore,
And go no further, no more.

Slipping into the icy froth of the rip express lane,
Passing familiar rocky point,
I sat on my board, just gliding seaward like floating royalty in a river coronation,
Absorbing solar praise,
Robed regally in wet fur seal like suit,
Laughingly shouting back to my friend enjoying the shore-break surfing:
“Check this out!”
Forgetting to embrace shoreline wisdom.

My mistake apparent within seconds,
I am no king of the sea.
Today the familiar merry go round rip
joyfully ridden back to wave riding position
Bulged uncharacteristically and pulled me near to panic,
An unstoppable river, impossible to defy.
I was riding a water chairlift out to liquid white mountains.

In a salty blink, I whispered, “Save me!”
Doubt gushed, poured and exited out.
I saw daughter, wife, scenes of life.
I heard a royal blue voice call out: “Keep going, yes further out.”
Each shivering stroke showed feeble faith
As the sets rising green and tall drew terrifyingly near.

A precious wave approached from an unexpected angle,
Birthing hope within—to catch it would be certain escape.
It lifted me up, throwing me down, carrying me in.
I rode that surfboard like a rapid-rafting baboon,
Arriving to the shore,
Whispering appreciation to the real Sea King.

By Jonathan

a Very Special Thank You


hhmmm….it seems the wonderful WordPress community is quite determined to bring this shy, perpetual corner dweller out from behind the shadow of his poetry and prose, and again into the spotlight of writing directly about myself. Well, forever the optimist who will always look to the bright side, at least The Versatlie Blogger Award asks for only 7 personal details, The Liebster requested a whopping 11! :-)

Although, this has been easier for me the second time around. :-)

As I did mention last time, I’m a little uncomfortable with awards and drawing attention to myself, but i do believe in thanking those who have been profoundly generous with their praise, and in that vein I have to thank Sreejit Poole in his kindness and generosity for this nomination.
If you haven’t visited his wonderful inspiring blog Of Mind Or Matter yet, I wholeheartedly and absolutely recommend that you should.

My acceptance speech is an enormous and heartfelt Thank You to new friends and old, and all of you who have so generously given your ‘likes’, your time taken to read my words and to offer such encouraging comments.

This is also a very Special Thank You to my family at 20 Lines A Day,
Melissa Hazzard for creating 20 Lines and her incredibly warm welcome, kjpgarcia on whose blog I saw the 20 Lines A Day link and whose poetry I’m in continual awe of and all the 20 Lines members who, through the special month of April gave a fearful novice the confidence and encouragement to continue writing poetry.

You have given this long dormant artist the gift of his creativity again, because poetry has now become my daily meditation and honestly there are no words to tell you what that means to me.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

Originally posted on Grandmother Musings:

Even though Thanksgiving is now a memory, I am still thankful for the turkeys that gave of themselves so that my family and I could have a superb meal.  It wouldn’t be a holiday without them!  

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Thanksgiving Challenge


Thanksgiving is a time to reflect

It is a time to be truly thankful for all you have

It is not about what you lost

Nor about what you never had

It is a day to bow your head and give many thanks

Many before you have suffered and gone without

You are blessed to have all that you do

Try to remember this as you sit with your family

Maybe even all alone

Praise your GOD  for the bounty set out before you

For the beautiful sky

The Stars up above

For the food on your plate

Maybe just the drink in your hand

Be thankful


Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Americans

Happy Thanksgiving in the name of Peace and Sharing to all of you who live in this world with us.


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