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Thanksgiving Challenge


Thanksgiving is a time to reflect

It is a time to be truly thankful for all you have

It is not about what you lost

Nor about what you never had

It is a day to bow your head and give many thanks

Many before you have suffered and gone without

You are blessed to have all that you do

Try to remember this as you sit with your family

Maybe even all alone

Praise your GOD  for the bounty set out before you

For the beautiful sky

The Stars up above

For the food on your plate

Maybe just the drink in your hand

Be thankful


Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Americans

Happy Thanksgiving in the name of Peace and Sharing to all of you who live in this world with us.


For the Thanksgiving Challenge

I’ve seen the change in him. His very words
have taken flight like little wingèd birds.
I could not know that all the hurt he spewed
would be retracted, attitude so crude

subtracted. Who, I ask, am I to doubt
this change?
Forgiveness on my lips, I shout
to all the hills and treetops: Thank You, God,
for changing stones upon the path I trod

into soft slippers. Now I walk the wood
and notice where that poison tree once stood.
Yes, what I thought would never change has changed.
I see the puzzle pieces rearranged.

And so I learn to never give up hope,
to look, to raise my eyes toward that far slope
where God unwrapped a present just for me.
I tell Him Thank You, don’t ask Can this be?

Veteran’s Day Words

Originally posted on Grandmother Musings:

Over at The Daily Post @ WordPress.com one of the Daily Prompts is Play Lexicographer.   

I thought I would try my hand at this game, using the theme of Veteran’s Day to invent new words to honor all the men and woman who have served our country.   Here are a few words I have created …

Uvetidid –  (you-vet-I-did)  n.  a person who served in the military or a soldier who has seen considerable active service .

Vetservedcountry  (Vet-serve-country) v. a civilian who has in the past served in the military.

Honorvetservice (honor-vets-service)  v.  1. the act of honoring.  2. Something all citizens should do on Veteran’s Day and every day.

Thankavet(thank-a-vet) v.  give gratitude for the unselfish service of a Veteran.

Givevetscredit  (give-vets-credit) v.  the act of giving credit to the men and woman who have served our country. 

I wonder what other words we…

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I Won The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!


Some of you here on 20 Lines A Day are included but I ran out of space sadly for all of you HUGS to each of you who follow me and my pictures and silly poems

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:


I have been nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by 

Onleilove  @ http://wholeness4all.wordpress.com  Thank you so much  I do not know what it is that I did to inspire her  but I know that her and you with your “Likes” inspire me each and every day. xo I could only list 15  but you know I was thinking of each one of you who has stopped by to say hello and to LIKE a post.  HUGS


Here is what I had to do to accept:


1. Post the award image

2.  Link to the person who nominated you. Thank you: Onleilove

3.  Tell 7 Facts about yourself:


1.I am QUICK lol

2. I am engaging they say, lol

3.  I have gone through some horrible things. Haven’t you?

4. I am Thankful God adores me.

5.  I love my brothers though we no longer…

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Thank God for You

Just in case you may have thought

That I got busy and forgot

The kindness that you showed to me

That’s something that will never be


You gave your time, and awesome skill

Discouraged, I had been so ill

Directly answered prayers I spoke

Twas God who sent you, tears I choke


But tears of happiness are they

And gratefulness I cannot say

No words could ever be enough

Still here I try, though it is tough


How can I thank Him, sending you

For something so big, that you’d do?

It was so long, I’d lost my smile

I tell you, it had been awhile


But now that smile is big and bright

And you, I pray for every night

And never will there come a day

When those dear prayers, I won’t say


Ode to Melissa

I love the fresh new look, here on 20 lines a day

So pleasing to the eye, that it takes my breath away

Well that may be exaggerated just a little bit

To find an honest rhyme, sometimes goes beyond my wit

At any rate, I thank you, dear Melissa we adore

For making this a place that leaves us coming back for more!


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