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A Bit of Grandma’s Wiisdom

Once, as autumn was blowing away

on  crunchy brown leaves,

and frost had appeared, taking the last asters,

I sat on my porch, shivering,

thinking how long it was until spring.

I longed for daffodils,

and warm breezes.

I looked deep inside and realized

that I longed for my past.

When my kids were little,

before I lost my son and health.

When my marriage made me smile.

When I was young.

Then two of my grandsons ran up the street.

They hugged me so tight,

“I love you, Beebee” they smiled.

And I smiled too.

I remembered my grandma used to say,

“We should never wish time away.”

She lived to be 96 years old.

She was so brave and so wise.

I smiled and hugged my grandsons,

and tried to appreciate the biting winds

yet to come before daffodils.

Winter- Her Thoughts

She incubates
it’s winter
and the world
is dim

she conceals
with wool and sheets
of many threads

sheltered.. comforted

she snuggles tightly
escaping winter chills
spiralling outside

beyond her window frame

she wishes she could
quell the snow flakes
that enshrine the green
and brown

blanketed like herself

she listens
the wind roars
between forks of trees

solitude a tranquil time

when winter hits her world


I hide within a quilt…

I hide within a quilt

gazing at the ceiling

pondering over things

and finally, getting tortured

by my conflicting thoughts-

the night goes on

and I  succumb to sleep

with no dreams.


New Writing Prompt:- Listen, Pick and Write!

New writing prompt-

1. Listen to your favorite song.

2. Pick a phrase or two, a line or many lines, from the song.

3. Write a poem including those phrases/lines.

Here is mine-

Song:- Way back into love by Sabrina from the movie Music and Lyrics

Phrase/Line:- I know it is out there, there is gotta be something for my soul somewhere…

Something out there…

I find myself wandering around

with no aim or goal in mind,

with the knowledge that

there is something out there,

there is gotta be something

for my soul somewhere,

that would bring me

the faith I so desire,

that would set it alright.

I find myself hoping

that it is out there

for my soul somewhere.


So, this month, I have decided to try something totally different.  A style that I have never  attempted to try, but said what the heck, let me try Acrostic Poetry. So the first word is W etc. and continues to spell woman along the sentences. Let me know if this one makes sense or means something to you, took me ages, sorry to say, it is called WOMAN

World of wonders, complicated to one that tries to look within.

Obtains the beauty, creativity, strength, that can never be torn from the mind.

Manipulating the path, the route

Achieving the highest, the mightiest, it is amazing, the power that lurks inside

Neglecting the fears, opposition, disappointments in one´s life.

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I simply can’t write… (5-line stanzas)


comes a 

time every day

when I strive to

write but I simply can’t.


just doesn’t

seem right that

my mind goes blank

and I simply can’t write.


I know

it occurs when

I feel a sudden

revulsion towards everything in life.


also when

I am anxious

and I try to

comprehend with my numb thoughts.


still this

must be the

time when I am

able to express myself fully.


that is

not the case

with me because I

just simply can not write.

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Giddy thought

What is the relation of this picture with the giddy thought?- I don’t know. I just felt like posting this picture!

A giddy thought strikes my mind

I know now what to think of

What to think about for another day

And torture myself by thinking about

it again and again till the mind bursts

with pain, for pain is better than confusion

prevailing thoroughly, in an amazing way

within the nerves and the brain.

I saw…

I saw the sunlight lighting

the part of my room,

I flinch away from it

towards my abode where

there is no intrusion by sunlight.

I saw the hope eyeing me

in the corner of my heart,

I tend to shoo it away

towards the dark closet from where

there is no chance of it teasing me.

Finally I saw myself in the mirror now

cowering in the corner of this world.


A sweet vehement desire

A sweet vehement desire

to reach the sky so high

and kiss those stars,

play with the moon-ball,

just fly care free away away and away.

I hope I was that kid again,

the desire of whom I now speak of.

How time changes, how realities become

more important than fantasies, ending

all such sweet vehement desires.


That is how it is with me

Hundreds of arms around me trying to get free

from this material body,

they symbolize the thoughts I have swarmed

within me fearing that I would lose them

in case I set them free.

I can’t set them free, they are symbolic

because I say so and I know and

if these symbolic hands go away

symbolizing my thoughts

where would I be but here

grieving their departure

longing for the pain they cause me.

I make no sense as usual but as I always say

that is how it is with me.

I have ruined what I started to write

by symbolizing my thoughts with me.

Oh but I didn’t do that, they are being symbolized by

those hundreds of hands,

how could I forget but as I always say

that is how it is with me.


My Brain (A Rispetto Challenge)

If you’d like to try a Rispetto, here are the rules. Shadow Poetry – Rispetto

Here’s my effort, with a bit of frustration and a bit of humor. :)

My Brain (A Rispetto)


It seems that my brain has a mind of its own

Won’t do what I tell it, as hard as I try

The thoughts just keep coming, won’t leave me alone

I’m trying to focus, it leads me to sigh


I’m needing to study, and did just a bit

The dumb doorbell rang, and I said, “Oh, I quit!”

I’ll sit here a moment and take a deep breath

And then get back to it, though it be my death!



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The Mind’s Eye Beholds……….

“In the eye of the beholder’ is never more true,

when sharing our images, of the perceived beautiful.

I behold yours and you behold mine.

How do we define beauty?

Softness, hardness, contours, edges or contrast

They combine to grab, please or make one mutter.

I know it when I see it.

Whether yours or mine,

it eases my mind, my heart, sometimes my soul.

Images, for me, convey what seems beautiful.

May I say for the gifted few,

the divinity, who seem able

to draw forth words with blissful ease,

I see your beauty too,

not with my eyes, but with my mind’s eyes,

my heart and sometimes my soul.

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English: Sunset at Kalpeni.

English: Sunset at Kalpeni. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I guess it’s easier for you to stop loving me,

I guess it’s easier to demand what you want,

without asking me how i feel,

I guess you think I am just so full of it;

How about you just forget all that bull,

how about you just fuck me real good,

how about you do something spontaneous, 

aside from your laid out life for once;

I guess I just need you so freakin’ bad,

how about you kiss me now;

I guess am really afraid of being hurt,

how about you show me how….

to trust

to need

to hope

to love


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