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Saturday November 30

Day filled with remembering
My silence lingers still
Reminiscing all around me
I cannot get my fill

Listening is uncharted waters
My shallowness getting thin
Progress in my own thinking
Today’s a sure win

Family is inclusive
Escaping me in past
Feelings of being stable
In hopes that they will last




Daily Prompt: Keeping up with the Jones’

In recent years our own economy has changed our lives significantly. Decent housing is wanted by many, the american dream in home ownership,some times trying to keep up with the Jones’  lets or own banking system take advantage of us…

waking with chills 
a sidewalk for a floor
wind blowing thru
hanging cardboard for a door

dreaming a new dream 
never getting done
homeless in the streets
only warmth is from the sun

blame is not the worry
fair treatment not the truth
hiding from the solution 
not caring for our youth

Covet ....not always a good thing, just my opinion.....

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Haiku Catchoo!


Excitement has gone
The straggler they still hang on
Till Christmas we wait



Daily Prompt: Fear Factor

My greatest fear is being alone …in a crowd or not…

Air was fully frozen
Winter winds
Set the nights tone

Hallucinating noises
A shift in the shadows
In my mind that are shown

Generations all around me
My focus
It never leaves

Restraint in conscious attention
It’s loneliness
My mind perceives




Weekly Writing Challenge: Haiku Catchoo!


Winter wonderland
It’s beauty captures us all
Breath taking it is


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Rocket Man: Land-Speed Racer Pushes 1,000 MpH Barrier

A very interesting article …different fuel uses and the performance achieved 



A dusting of snow
Lightly filled the sky
Waking with questions
I don’t know why
Sun emerges softly
The breeze begins to blow
Puzzled look in the mirror
Conscious is who I owe
Daylight comes to haunt me
Anxiety’s from within
But still I move in forward
Fearful to give in


How I Feel About December 2006

How I Feel About December 2006 (Photo credit: cobalt123)

December is my favorite time of year

full snowing skies with  the sight of deer

the hustle and bustle of stores and streets

to decorated windows and nice warming treats

the air is filled with anticipation and hope

sledders are searching for their favorite slope

December is my favorite time of year

soon on the 25th Saint Nick will appear

bringing all children of the world his great joy

the luckiest of ones receive a nice toy

December is here for 31 days

for me it just continues to amaze

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darkness falls

Cappadocian (World of Darkness)

as darkness falls I look and I see

death and disease is still wanting me

been used by this world , then all thrown away

I fight to get back my life on this day

my anticipation defaulted, to precursor times

now black clouds block, my thinking and mind

begging for boredom to shed from my skin

fear keeps me motionless , now from within

as darkness falls I look and I see

these doses I take have taken over me


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