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Two things, y’all …

1.  I shared 20 Lines or Less with a friend today and he had some lovely things to say about your work.

2.  Wordpress caps me at 50 contributors and if you can believe this, we’re getting close.

Close to fifty!

So write, have fun, enjoy yourselves, photograph, contribute, blog, share, we LOVE it and you inspire me every day.

What a lovely community we have here.

More later this evening and much love,



20 Lines Receives Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Thank you, Maggie, from the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of our entire community of contributors and readers.

And according to what I read, I’m to give seven facts about myself.  I would rather give seven facts about 20 Lines but here goes:

1.  This is harder than I thought it would be, given my intense nature to protect my privacy, and along those lines …

2.  … I am a closet introvert.

3.  I have two dogs and a cat, and they are all rescues.  An Aussie mix, a cocker spaniel, and a great big silver tabby.

4.  I’m a mom.  I try to do well.

5.  Tonight was breakfast for dinner.

6.  I play music in the house constantly and recently mounted speakers, and am most happy with them.

7.  In the course of the last six years, I have lost 85 lbs., started a new career, run a triathlon, and gone on stage several times to sing, dance, act, or make people laugh, and resumed writing- something I hadn’t done since college.  These are all things I never thought I could do, until I decided I wasn’t going to be held back by that attitude any longer.

And I’m on a journey.  I feel like if you follow your heart and your dreams and are true to who and what you are, you find the right path.

The blogs I’d nominate for this award are as follows:

beebeesworld:  http://beebeesworld.wordpress.com

Poet’s Corner:  http://poetscornerblog.wordpress.com

Timzauto:  http://timzauto.wordpress.com

Sorrows, in a serenade:  http://sorrowsinaserenade.wordpress.com

Howie’s Blog:  http://howanxious.wordpress.com

Gary’s blog:  http://www.swittersb.wordpress.com

And I could go on and on, honestly.  I’ll make myself stop right there.  It’s getting late and I’m not quite clear on the number I’m supposed to elect — but I am exploring many, many blogs, slowly — as time permits.  Whether you are contributor or follower, I try and take a look at everyone.

Come and write with us!

Maggie … Thanks again, so very much.  You are indeed a treasured writer … and real friend.

Much love to all,



**Special announcement for new contributors**

**If you are expecting to hear from me and have not, please write to me directly.  I do not leave anyone out on purpose and sometimes need an extra tug on my sleeve.  Thank you!**

If you have expressed an interest in joining 20 Lines (specifically if you have left word on the page “Join Us“) you will receive an automatically generated e-mail from WordPress that invites you to accept an invitation as an author.

Click “Accept Invitation” and you are ready to go!

I’ve had lots of requests recently that are still pending that last acknowledgment from you.  Accept!  Accept!

If you have not yet received your invitation and have expressed interest, one will be coming!  Watch for it!

If, for some reason, none of this is working, please e-mail me directly at melissa.hassard@yahoo.com and within your message please include: the name of your WordPress blog, your e-mail address connected to WordPress, and a brief bio that I can include on the Our Contributors page.

A huge thank you and welcome!  We’re glad you’ve joined us!

Thanks, everyone!




Hand in Hand

Hand in hand we learn real young

Hand in hand our arms we swung

Hand in hand we scrubbed our knees

Hand in Hand we ran from bee’s

Hand in Hand our love was true

Hand in hand we always knew

Hand in hand we fought our fights

Hand in hand were scared some nights

Now we’re grown , and still we see

Hand in hand we’ll always be….

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Technology, a way to talk, with Skype
and email, Instant Message, every type
of faster, better wings of words, sometimes
breaks down. Frustration at these techno-crimes

then marches on me wearing heavy boots.
So I, deprived of all their techno-fruits,
request of “Help” and “Tools” and “FAQ”
a boost to reinstate my previous view.

No luck. I’m at computer’s mercy, must
wait long until its brain shakes off the dust.
When I think I’ve arrived at mastery,
it gives me nothing but the third degree.

Frustration (was: threesixtyfive | day 244)

Frustration (was: threesixtyfive | day 244) (Photo credit: Sybren A. Stüvel)


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