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Silence as a Defense (Open Book Challenge)

Just because one remains idle in the midst of chaos

Doesn’t mean that the chaos doesn’t resonate from within.

Sometimes the only defense mechanism one can handle,

To process what should not be

Is to sit perfectly still in silence

Waiting to be free.

Inspiration: In Dubious Battle by John Steinbeck





Don’t say forever

Whenever some one say forever,

I say never.

I can’t bear the promises,

The grief,

The love,

The words,

The hatred,

The jealousy,

The pessimism,

The trauma,

For not even now-

Then how forever!

Forever for me has never been anything,

But the moment which is now.

I don’t want to see the future.

I don’t want anything to know how it would be.

I care for what had happened.

I care for what is happening.

Nothing stays forever-

You know that,

I know that.


Don’t say forever,

Because I would say never ever.

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Who cares?

Who cares-

For the trauma I deal with everyday

Who cares-

For the pain I bear every moment

Who cares-

For the love for myself I did lose

Who cares-

For what I have become?

No one, not even me

That is the biggest irony.

A ‘Who cares?’ painting by artist Lucy Burscough.
“Madeleine”, 2005.


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