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Christmas – To be a child again

Written whilst listening to the gentle lull of a piano

Oh how I wish I was a child again

waking in the night full of hope and then

wishing for the gifts that I have put on my list

wanting to run and laugh and be kissed


My face would reveal my awe

my face would say thank you and so much more

the joy that is for Christmas Day

the innocence of a child, the smile that I portray


The tip toe of a child in the morn

gazing upon the tree decorations that adorn

the twinkle that crosses upon their face

the excitement..the  anticipation of… I cannot wait


Christmas is for children to see the happiness it brings

the pleasure and the eagerness ..makes our grown hearts sing

for Christmas is a special time that adults hold in their heart

the love that hugs us from within that can’t be torn apart


Grasp the bauble from the tree my little one

do you see the colours as it spins?

scrunch the wrapping paper and watch me melt at your grin

this is the day for you my child… I wish to be young again


To have these happy memories though I have  some of my own

I take a backward glance… see me as a child and feel the way you do now

bring your laughter to the house on Christmas Day

so that I can relive this joy… so that I too may feel this way


Any child at Christmas, though they may not be your own

have a smile a simplicity that’s a wonder to behold

so share with any child if you can the day that holds this delight

clutch at the happiness that they share…embrace and hold them tight


I wish I was a child again


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Google and 123rf photos


Soft paintbrush strokes bring
us to December. Watch for
spilling white gallons.

An ancient tree speaks,
each ring a life of its own.
The stories it tells.

Climbing through the dunes,
sniffing out spring violets,
barefoot once again.

The creek urges me:
Come out to play and splash. I’ve
been waiting for you.

A certain stone, flat,
gray, ordinary, special.
I collect and save.


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I Want Time

In our small town the light posts are all decked
in Christmas garb. The carols have begun.
But why? I want to know. The ground’s still flecked
with leaves. The costumed goblins had their fun,

Thanksgiving’s not yet here. We need to rest
around each celebration, let it steep.
I wish anticipation in the quest
that waiting brings. Excited children creep

toward Christmas trees and Santa. But we spoil
much happiness by heaping holidays
upon another, overlapping soil
of Halloween on giving thanks, a maze

diluting Christmas. In my perfect world,
each should enjoy its own significance.
The flags of holidays should be unfurled
by bits, allowing us to see their dance.


An Old Tree Has Seen……………?

This old (160+ years old) Tartarian Black Cherry in the Owen Memorial Rose Garden (Eugene, Oregon) captures the eye. Some believe it was planted by the founder of Eugene, Oregon, Eugene Skinner. The tree immediately, at least for me, makes me pause in wonder at the complex trunk and bark. Truly a beautiful tree in a beautiful garden setting.

Also, given how old this tree is, another thought crosses my mind. Consider how many varied peoples, over 163 years, have stood and gazed upon this tree. It is an obvious observation, but once you think of it, one can imagine the guests, visitors, passersby that represented all walks of life, world wide, yet found this tree hopeful, beautiful, regal, old. It is judged to be the oldest Cherry tree in the state of Oregon. 

I hope this tree continues to survive the elements for many decades to come. Isn’t history grand?

Holding On


we have to hold on don’t we

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:


Holding on tight

Fighting to stay strong

Wanting to grow

We are not alone in  this desire




Such a tall tree it is for having it’s roots clinging to so little soil and clearly not much water till the river rises

but for now it clings strong to the rock, solid ground.


How many times  in our lives have we done just that to make it till the next morning?




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The Green Lush Tree!

The green lush tree,

With ripened fruits finding their way down,

Reminds me,

Takes me to the place I can just imagine-

Where I am the tree,

And my problems getting solved,

Ripened up, getting filled with juice of solace,

And find their way down to be searched,

By someone wanting to quench the thirst,

For the peace that being would want.


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