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Though spring has not yet blessed the trees with blossom, passing through
the woods this day, the sullen bareness of the dead tree among the living
draws my eye, its branches, like a skeleton, support the life nearby,
a chorus of creatures sing their dirges, oblivious that I have
trespassed in their woods, while the tree stands at attention and the world
goes on around, and through, exchanges its own life for hollow emptiness

No shame in being dead, for once you were alive,
and now you still bring grace and beauty,
no need for those around you to forget, to bury you or
avert their eyes from your emptiness

No, the world goes on, life goes on, better than perhaps before,
trickling rain, singing wind, crackling of your deathly limbs,
ruddy run-off water meandering across the path,
these create the harmonies that push life forward

©SpiritLed 2014


Major Intersection…….. Wider View



Se what I mean when you do all you can to protect a tree even one as damaged as this one was by that DAMN


Where would they find another home that quick?

Flying ones used to live in my walls,  no I will keep a place for them to eat, drink and sleep but not with me!

Can you imagine the commune they have it that tree, glad they are quiet down inside that tree .

Do you have a tree like this?


I am blessed surly I am, to have this kind of world right outside the window.  I think they like me too.




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Wise Old Pine

You know I love this one

Imagine the stories it could tell

Who has found their way to sit on a table under its outstretched branches

How many others thought it was worthy of a few photos

I have been here at the lake many times both in a boat and walking in the woods

This day I was there to see how much water was to be let out so I could prepare for the

flooding that would take place at home when they did and as I walked the different areas of

the shoreline I caught  sight of this tree through the others

Holding on tight to anything it can grab

Trees amaze me

The power they hold it is what I am after

The ability to hold on

Stay strong

Stand Tall

Reaching out with  my roots


No matter the storms I brace…

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Family Of Three



They always come together

They reside in the worrisome Willow

I left the rest of the tree up as weather is changing

They will need a dry place to stay

They are so much fun to watch

Till they are trying to chew their way into your home

These have to be the best feed trio out there

Chicken scratch and Black Oil Sunflower seeds,  suet too and the river for water

They like this yard too as they have been hanging out together for over a year

No traffic woes here just a big old chewed on Willow

Trees with huge canopy’s to leap from one  to another on

Yes life is good in these parts




Tales Around the Tree

Soon I am off to join my writers’ group’s participation in “Tales Around the Tree,” a Christmas event at a local library. There will be readings, workshops, and book sales. I am going to read six of my Christmas/winter poems, and a friend and I are going to read “Gift of the Magi” together.

This library is really something. It’s a large old bank that has been converted to a library. It has two floors, polished hardwood and marble floors, two giant gold chandeliers with graceful curved arms, an elevator, and rooms everywhere. The children’s room has a beautiful tree house built by a local man, and the woodwork of the winding stairs and curved railing is gorgeous.

It is decorated for Christmas with I-can’t-tell-you-how-many trees. The decorations are elegantly done and you can’t help but suck in your breath when you walk through the large wooden front doors. The circulation desk is where the bank tellers used to have their cages (is that what they were called?), but now it’s an open circular area with the brass foot rail still in place.

The whole little town is sporting decorations, activities and food for families, and we’re hoping to add to the festivities (and perhaps sell some of our books along the way).


Snow Is Falling

a old photo of our yard when snow dumps here today we shall get some they say but tomorrow it will MELT AWAY :)

AN old photo of our yard when snow dumps.   Here today we shall get some they say but tomorrow it will MELT AWAY :)



For here today they are calling for some snow.  You know it won’t make me happy as I adore my sunshine filled days.  I do however loves running out to grab a shot before one foot prints or paw print disturbs the scene.
Only wish the Deer and Moose had been having their morning drink from our stream when I ran out to snap the photo.

Burned The Evidence

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8 AM looking out at the river

8 AM looking out at the river


As the sun rose and spread west

The light shone on all the work we have done

Yesterday I got some much needed rest

I still can not believe the damage one Beaver has done

I raked while he cut

He stacked while I trimmed trees

You could tell we didn’t spend much time sitting on our butt

So as I stood here with camera in hand the only word that came to mind was  gee

We really took the bull by the horns on this one

The water is down almost to where it should be

The Beaver have NOT WON

Guess who has been sleeping ME



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