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Simple Love

I do not love a little bit

When I do love, it does not quit

I do not wake up on some day

To find that love has gone away


I think that love can ebb and flow

But never will true love just go

I know that some will disagree

But I don’t know how it can be


In anger, I’ve declared it gone

To later find that I was wrong

It had not left, it was still there

Twas rearranged, perhaps stripped bare


I am content to love this way

Returned or not, I cannot say

It makes no difference in the end

Some things…it’s true…are hard to mend


But what I’m saying is that love

Does not fit in some perfect glove

It’s complicated, simple too

But in the end, it’s simply true

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True Love Dreams (Weekly Challenge)

How do I start this…just how to begin

So many feelings surrounding therein.

I’ll start with the story to help to explain

The reason this dream’s memory will remain


We married so young, but we changed on the way

Until finally, there had come that awful day

After so many years, you were moving along

You no longer wanted me, your love was gone.


My heart, it was broken, but God helped me through

I picked up my life, and moved along too

But before it was over…you suddenly died

In life gone forever, in heart to abide.


I had met another and married anew

And that was the time I dreamed this dream of you.

I was having a party with family and friends

A knock at the door, and there you were again.


You had not really died, still alive and right here

I hugged you, so happy to have you so near.

We sat and we talked about your renewed life

You said that you wanted me back as your wife


I told you I loved you, and always I would

But I had met someone, for me who was good.

I told you how happy I was you were back

But that he made me happy, my life was on track.


I remember that dream, it was like it was real

I remember the way that dream made me feel

I felt healing and closure, and peace deep inside

In that place deep within me that I’d had to hide.


And now, these years later, my life with its turns

I loved you, I loved him, the love inside burns

Still, the mem’ry of that dream still lives in my mind.

And I’m still believing, true love I will find.

20 lines or less weekly challenge

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July 4 a new day

We returned to the campsite , the sun had just risen and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky . It was the beginning of a day that all dream of ,  I grabbed a lounge chair and settled in .  Mary sat in front of me , she had a small blanket in her hand and threw it over both of us . The feelings I felt were that of a perfectly matched couple , we had so much in common .  Mary and I  sat quietly just holding one another ,  I don’t know exactly when but we both were soon in a deep slumber .

I woke to sounds of the others rummaging about , Mary was snuggled tightly in my arms . I lay there studying her face as she slept , enjoying the closeness of our morning . The air was clean and fresh , the sounds of the rippling water calmed the scene straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting . I grew up in one of the most beautiful places in the world and took it all for granted . We all were  so naive to the ways of the world , not really having a worry to speak of .

Mary soon woke up smiling as she looked up at me , saying morning , she  kissed me lightly on the cheek . We had only been asleep for a couple of hours but it seemed forever since we spoke . Mary lay there in my arms waking up as we discussed what we could do for the day . It was July 4 th , the biggest day of the summer . The volunteer fireman threw a small carnival on this day every year . It was complete with a softball tournament and fireworks . The carnival had several games that one could win little trinkets , but most of us looked at them like trophy’s of our talents . There were also five or six small amusement park rides for the enjoyment of kids .


A Pictorial Guide To Bird’s Latest Crisis

Catherine aka "Bird":

Sharing my thoughts through pictures…

Originally posted on Everyone Has A Story...:

Lately, I believe it would be fair to say that I’ve been on the horns of a dilemma when it comes to this blog thing. One thing that I’ve really come to value about writing here is the therapeutic nature of getting my bottled up thoughts out of my head and in front of my eyes, and the eyes of others. It tends to make the monster in my head look smaller and less destructive than I’d originally supposed.


I’ve been dealing with two major problems in my marriage, and as I tend to do, I keep my secrets well guarded. It is one thing to blab my own shortcomings and failures to the world…I’m okay with people taking pot-shots at me, because I embrace my ridiculous mistakes and try to use them as cautionary lessons for others. But when you’re getting into the problems that a marriage goes through…

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