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This poem is not for my precious son, whose death
took everything from me that I hung on to, believed in.
It is for those who can’t  see that I am still here.
but I have been forced to live in a world where there
is not glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m so tired of it all, so tired of the lies.
The further I fall, the higher you rise.

It takes all I have, each moment I try,
I give and I give, till I think I will die.

I’m sorry that I was never enough,
My heart is long dead, the road’s been so rough.

All that I have, I have given to you.
And what have I left?  No joy and no you.

Just leave me here in my prison, my home,
Cause when you are here, I still feel alone.

Not a thing I’ve endured, suffered, survived.
Has helped you to notice,  that I’m still alive.

I still feel, I still hope, I still love, I still try.
Somehow through the darkness, I still survive.

Take just one heartbeat, one touch, one breath,
And remember I will love you till nothing is left.

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Trying Rispetto

Sitting within the deep waters of the sea,

I can see you degrading, getting caught in

time, understanding which ain’t my cup of tea,

I know you want to get rid of your past sin.

You wait for someone to come, pay no pity

but that being must treat you with that dignity-

respect you long for, I know you do want bliss,

Oh the mighty city of the Atlantis.



1. Poem is comprised of 8 eleven-syllable lines, usually one stanza.

2. General rhyme scheme- ababccdd

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The Collective Sigh

The collective sigh of the viewers

viewing the prodigy becoming genius

by understanding that this life is a game-

You have to play it if you want to win it.

The collective sigh of the gatherers

gathered to discuss about the world as such

by knowing that this world is a gaming arena

You have to stay in it if you want to have it your way.

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Just a quote, is it so!?

Just a quote, is it so?

What meaning it behold?

Does that hold any importance?

Or is it important because it is a quote?





Eloquent personality

Just a quote, is it so!?

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Pledge of Allegiance (For the “Open a Book” Challenge)

“I pledge allegiance…” Wait. What do those words
mean? Let’s stop there. I taught fourth graders shades
of meaning: nation, liberty that girds
us, justice, celebrating in parades…

We are united, all is under God
in this republic where the people choose
its president. We vote to give the nod
to leadership. I stressed, “We cannot lose

if unity continues as our goal.”
I wanted understanding of these nine
year-olds to change from mumbled words to whole
ideas on which our forefathers dined.

(This poem originated from the sentence “I just put my hand over my heart like we did in school for the Pledge of Allegiance.” And it’s true that I always taught my students the meanings of the words in the Pledge so they weren’t simply empty words to them.)

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I’m posting one of my daughter’s contributions to Everyone Has A Story…I may be a little biased, but I find it beautiful and real… Bird

Originally posted on Everyone Has A Story...:

I love someone who doesn’t see me. In this blog forum, I have shared a bit of my life. Memories, opinions, hopes, all populating paperless pages that float somewhere, barely existent. I now read of other people’s memories, opinions, and hopes, and feel comforted that there is still some attempt at connection. People want to be seen for who they are, not what they seem to be. They reach out, in this vast and busy other-world, to be a part of something. My soul longs for days past, when we would all work together to rebuild a burned down barn, or have pot-lucks in one room wooden churches or town-halls. That world is gone, though, and this is what we now have.

The person I love is part of that busy world. He is, in fact, my opposite in an astounding number of ways. For the record, I don’t want…

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